Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Miles and I got to go to the beach for a 2nd time this year! I know...we are so blessed. This time we went with Honey, Joe Pa, Mommie Cica (my cousin Cara), and NeNe (my Aunt Denise). We began our trek to the beach very early on Sunday, July 14th. Miles rode in Honey's car and Cara and I drove. Miles did better than expected and I think it is because we had on Yo Gabba Gabba the entire time.

Miles and Joe Pa crashed for a few minutes. I think Miles only slept a total of an hour on the way to South Carolina.

Once we got there, we ate some burgers, and headed down to the beach. It was like Miles hadn't missed a beat since we went to Naples, FL in March. He loved the beach even more than he did then.

It was a little rough the night we arrived....

...so Honey had to really use her strength to hold on tight to Miles.

It is such a beautiful place!

Don't you just love the sound of the waves?

Because Miles was getting soaked in his 2nd encounter with the ocean (1st time in the Atlantic) we decided to take off his shirt so he could enjoy himself a little more....and he did just that!

The next day, we woke up and hit the beach. If you've ever gone to the beach with the Looney clan, you know all we do is sun on the beach...EVERYDAY. Unless it rains. Miles was tired on the first real day, so, Joe Pa stayed behind so Miles could get his nap out. Honey, NeNe, Cica, and I lounged in our chairs. We didn't get into the water much on the first day because it was still pretty rough. We did enjoy our sunning, though. 

When Miles finally woke up, he and Joe Pa headed to the beach to soak up some sun with us. Miles did some exploring. 

While we did some sunning...and losing sunglasses. The water was so rough, it took Cica and my glasses we got at the Color Run...at the same time!

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