Saturday, April 28, 2012

2 Months Today...on Colson Matlock's Birthday!!

Is it really April 28th? Wow...time really flies! Miles is already 2 months old. It seems just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant. I have really enjoyed getting to spend the last 2 months with my sweet, little man. We spent our days watching tv, playing on the floor, and having some tummy time. He has grown a lot! He is now 15 pounds and 26 inches long. I think we might have a linebacker on our hands! I am going to miss him greatly when I go back to work on Monday, but it is only for 3 weeks. Then, I am off for the summer! Woo hoo! I will get to spend another 2 months or so with my little guy.

Here are this month's milestones:

  • I am holding my head up, and even sitting in my Bumbo seat.
  • I am smiling when I see familiar faces or hear voices/sounds I know.
  • I am growing my hair back slowly but surely. It looks like peach fuzz.
  • I eat ALL THE TIME!!
  • I love it when people touch my lips and cheeks.
  • I am still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but some of my 3 month clothes are a little tight.
  • I am in size 2 diapers.
  • I still grunt, especially when I need to use the bathroom.
  • I have a temper. I can go from pleasantly happy to extremely upset in a matter of seconds when I am hungry or need a diaper change. (HMMM...I wonder who he got this from? His dad, perhaps?)
  • I am sleeping in my pack and play, but still getting up at least once or twice a night to eat.
  • I love watching the tv. Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer are my favorite shows to watch, although I watch Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, and NCIS with mommy and daddy occasionally.
  • I love to look around at things. My favorite things are lights and fans.
  • I love to go on runs in the stroller with mommy.
What is special about today is that my good friend, Hannah Matlock, had her baby boy today. We are so excited for her and Josh and I can't wait for litte Colson to meet Miles. Happy BIRTHday, Colson!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Like son...

Any of y'all who know Matt, probably know that he loves to read. He reads before he goes to sleep every night. In fact, he finished the Hunger Games trilogy in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, I bought him a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago and he still says that is one of his all time favorite presents! I call him an old man, but I think it is great that he can lose himself in a book. I wish I could do that!! I don't think I have read an entire book since I read Pride and Prejudice in 11th grade. I used to love reading books, though.

My dad used to read to my brothers and I every night before we went to bed. This is one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood. So, since Matt loves to read, I asked him what he thought about reading to Miles before he goes to bed. Matt loved the idea!! I want Miles to love books like his dad as well as have that bond like I did with my dad.

After our conversation, I didn't really think anything else about it until I went into our bedroom one night and found this:

Matt was reading Miles all about Greek Myths!! Even though Miles obviously doesn't understand (Heck! I'm 28 and still don't understand Greek mythology), he was listening to every word Matt said. It was so cute to see this. I just hope it is a tradition that will continue as Miles gets older.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Setting Up for Mimi's House

Matt, Miles, and I got to go shopping for Mimi's house today!! She will be keeping Miles when I go back to work on the 30th of this month. Mimi is sailing in the South Pacific and sent us a list of things to get for her house. We had a good time shopping a second time to get stuff for Miles.

We got a pack and play that is just like ours at home, so, Miles will have somewhere to sleep during the day.

And we couldn't forget a bathtub with bath stuff just in case he gets dirty, Mimi and Papa Darrell can give him a bath.

Oh...and the best invention since sliced bread....THE BOPPY! This not only makes feedings so much easier, but it also has other uses. All new moms or moms to be should invest in one of these. It will definitely come in handy!

Miles was so worn out from helping us set his stuff up, that he passed out on Jake's (Mimi's cat) bed. We tried putting him on her bed and the pack and play, but he liked Jake's bed best. Move over Jake....Miles is moving in!!!

I am so thankful that Elaine is going to watch Miles when I return to JCM for 3 weeks. I know she is going to love getting to spend some quality time with her grandson that she hasn't seen since he was 1 week old!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If You Just Smile....

Miles is SMILING!! This is the most fun thing he has been doing lately. Matt and I thoroughly enjoy seeing him smile at us. He started doing it just a little bit last week and has really picked it up this week. It makes me happy to see my little man happy.

Here is a video of him smiling a little bit:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Celebrating Easter for the First Time

Saturday, we spent time doing things around the house. I worked on some school work for class at Union, Matt went fishing with my dad and Joe, and Miles did a lot of sleeping. Saturday night, Meemaw and Papaw kept little man while my mom, dad, Matt, and I went to a birthday party for a family friend. It was nice to get out and listen to some live music and dance a little, but we were happy to get back and see Miles. I think Meemaw and Papaw enjoyed their time with him, though.

Then, on Sunday, we woke up and went to church. Miles was good during church. He started getting a little fussy whenever it was time for the offering, and with him it takes no time for his grunting to turn into screaming for a bottle. So, Matt and I took him out in the foyer to feed him. We didn't get the chance to go back into church because Miles got the hiccups.

Our Easter Sunday outfits

After church, we came back to Honey's and Miles got to see what the Easter bunny brought him. 

Miles has been smiling a lot lately, and I finally caught it on camera right when we got home from church.

Honey built Miles a bear named Snuggles. He has Tennessee clothes on and everytime you push his hand you can hear a special message from Honey.

Such a neat gift for such a special little man.

Time for Miles' Easter basket....he had a baseball basket with all kinds of goodies, including a teething ring, outfit, pacifiers and some bubbles.

Miles looked so adorable in his Easter outfit!!

He loves his Honey....she's pretty smitten with him, too. Thanks, Honey, for the amazing bear!

Next, we went to Tugs in Harbor Town to have Easter lunch/brunch with the family.

Miles got hungry during our meal, so, he also ate and then fell asleep. Jo-Pa didn't mind holding his little buddy for some grandad-grandson one on one time.

When we got back home, we all took naps, but I think Miles was the most tired out of all of us. We didn't hunt any eggs this year, because Miles isn't ready for that yet. However, we can't wait for the years to come with lots of hunting.

Baseball and BBQ

We spent Easter weekend in West Memphis with Honey, Jo-Pa, Uncle Joe, Meemaw and Papaw. Our trip began on Thursday evening with dinner at Margaritas. Miles was so good during dinner and just looked around the entire time. When we got back to Honey's, Uncle Joe got to feed little man for the first time! He did a good job!!

Friday, we all went to Joe's baseball game. He didn't play defense but he did have some great hits at the plate. Randi also asked Joe to prom.

She wrote-Joe, Prom with me?-on a baseball....

.....and gave it to him after the game.

He said, "Yes!" Of course!!! This "prom" thing is new to me. When Matt and I were in high school, we didn't do things like this. I wish we did. My how times change! That night we went on a double date with Joe and Randi to eat at Central BBQ and see American Reunion.

We ate yummy BBQ nachos....

and can't forget the RIBS!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heads Up!!

Miles has reached another milestone! We are so proud of our growing boy. He is holding his head up when we sit him up on our laps. He enjoys it and cries when we lay him down. We are so blessed of how strong our son is.

Here is a video of him holding his head up:

Happy Birthday, Uncle Trey!

Friday, March 30th was Uncle Trey's bday, but we decided to celebrate tonight with a few friends at a cookout. We grilled burgers and had a great time hanging out. Uncle Trey really liked his Angry Birds birthday cake Miles picked out for him, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TREY!!