Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eleven Months Old

Our sweet baby almost isn't a baby anymore!! (Tear...tear) Even though I am sad that he is growing quickly, I am so grateful for our little Miles and the little man he has become.

This month he has lost a few pounds, which more than likely stems from all of the walking he has been doing lately. Miles is 25 pounds and 31" long. He is lovable, sweet, and a MESS!!

Here are this months MILEStones:

  • I am walking everywhere when I want to.
  • I am starting to make sounds that are similar to words-like "Bye, Bye" and "DaDa"
  • I LOVE juice and go through about 3 cups of it a day.
  • I am still taking bottles-8 oz in the morning, 8 oz before naptime, and 8-10 oz at night
  • I am still wearing 18-24 month clothes.
  • I am in size 4 diapers, but I am beginning to leak out of them on occasion.

  • I enjoy feeding myself.
  • I have separation anxiety when mommy or daddy leave me.
  • I can give kisses. (Thanks to Honey teaching me!)
  • I love to play with my toys, especially if I can drag them all out.
  • I cry when I don't get my way.
  • I am still in love with ELMO.
  • I am very curious.
  • My favorite game is still hide and seek.
  • I can recognize people I know in photos.
  • I can help mommy and daddy dress me.

    He couldn't get out of his wagon, so, he cried until I helped him get out!!

    Typical Miles....walking around the living room and trying to play with things that aren't his toys!!

    He is getting so BIG!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Walk It Out

So...since my last post, it happened! Miles decided to walk on his own. He has been practicing this newest thing for weeks. I guess practice makes perfect because here's what we caught last night...

(sorry this video is sideways...Matt took it with his phone)

...and he did it again in the same night!!

After this walk, Miles and I went up stairs so we could play in his room. I was sitting in the rocking chair in his room and he walked from the chair ottoman to the closet by himself. He saw a toy he wanted to play with and instead of crawling to play with it, he walked.

I can't believe he is 10.5 months and he is walking. Look out world, Miles is up and ready to explore!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Time needs to slow down, quickly! Sometimes I just want to stop time altogether because Miles is growing up too fast.

Lately, he has been trying to walk. He is becoming a pro at manuvering around the coffee table in the living room. Last night, he even took a few steps from the recliner to the wall all by himself. Miles also loves for us to hold on to his hand, with one finger, so he can navigate around the house.

We actually caught some steps on camera the other day at Honey's house....

It is a work in progress, but he is getting better at walking day by day. He just needs to convince himself that he can do it. We are so proud of our little guy! I guess it is going to be extremely busy around the Cleek house from now on.

Sniffling, Sneezing, and Coughing...Oh My!

Last week was tough for us. Miles caught his first head cold!! He would get sick the week I went back to work. He started getting a cough on Sunday night. Monday it got worse, so, we took him in on Tuesday to see the doctor. Dr. Blake was off on Tuesday, but we got to see Dr. Maley.

Dr. Maley listened to Miles' lungs and heart. He also looked in his ears and mouth. Dr. Maley said Miles didn't have any signs of wheezing or pneumonia, which was music to our ears for sure. He gave us a sample of some cough medicine and told us to get some Baby Vicks Vapor Rub to put on Miles' chest and underneath his nose.

Later Tuesday night, Miles started getting a fever. I gave him some Tylenol and snuggle time. Needless to say, on Thursday the fever was still hit or miss, but his cough was getting significantly better. He was also able to breathe easier (even though I had to sneak in with the bulb every once in a while to squeeze the congestion out of his nose!) Poor fella! I felt so sorry for him. He was sick during his first Christmas and then he got sick again.

Despite being sick, Miles was somewhat his smiling, active self.

He loves playing hide and seek!!

He even learned a new trick....

It is now a week since we went to the doctor. He still has a cough, but he can breathe a lot better. He just gets mad at me now when I try to wipe his snotty nose. Oh, and, he got Matt and I both sick!! We are fighting this yucky cold now.

Friday, January 4, 2013

10 months

Just before the New Year...Miles turned 10 months old! We cherish every moment we get to spend with him. He changes every day. Right now, his favorite thing to do is play on the steps and crawl behind the couch. Miles also enjoys eating real "big boy" food, especially when spaghetti is on the menu!

He went to the doctor on Thursday, January 3rd, for his 9 month checkup. (I know...I know...I am a month late. But we were scheduled to go for the 9 month checkup last month, when the flu was running rampant in Jackson. So much so that several schools canceled classes for a few days. We didn't want Miles catching it. Therefore, we decided to wait until his 10 month birthday.) Dr. Blake says that Miles is growing and developing just fine. He is in the 90th percentile in weight at 25.2 pounds. (I think the stomach bug caused him to lose a little weight.) He is in the 97th percentile for height at 30.5 inches. (Matt is really excited about this).

Here are some of this month's MILEStones:

  • I am walking with very little assistance.
  • I have taken a few steps, but as soon as I realize I am alone, I sit down and crawl to my destination.
  • I am wearing size 4 diapers.
  • I am wearing 18-24 month clothes.
  • I am starting to throw temper tantrums when I don't get my way.
  • I have separation anxiety when Mommy or Daddy leave me.
  • I talk my own language.
  • I shake my head no whenever Mommy or Daddy tell me no.
  • I only take about 3, 8 oz bottles a day.
  • I let Mommy brush my teeth at night.
  • I still have 8 teeth, but I am teething really bad.
  • I LOVE to play hide and seek.
  • I still enjoy being read to.
  • I still LOVE Elmo.
  • I understand how my toys work and I actually play with them.
  • I do not understand that patience is a virtue. 
  • I enjoy bathtime.
  • I am very curious.

  • Miles was crawling behind the couch one day and discovered his old chair. He used to love sitting in this chair when he was smaller. He still thinks he's a little baby!

    Miles is fascinated by the washing machine. This may be because he likes the buttons and beeping noises it makes or it could be the shiny inside? Who knows? So this week I decided to let him inside the washer...He had a blast. Don't worry...I didn't shut him in there, and we keep the laundry room door closed when we let him crawl around the house.

    Miles loves his new wagon Uncle Trey gave to him for Christmas. He also enjoys playing with plastic balls. So, last night, Matt decided to put the two together and Miles was loving it. He had the best time playing. I think we had an even better time watching him laugh and play. What a treasure he is!!

Goodbye 2012....Hello 2013

What better way to ring in the New Year, than cupcakes!! We threw a New Year party at our house on New Year's Eve.

Erica and Kevin Butler came...

...so did Chris

...and his new fiance, Ashton. Trey and Tim York joined us just before the clock struck midnight.
But Miles wasn't with us for his first New Year's celebration...

...He was staying with Honey and JoPa. They took him out to dinner at Pete and Sams.

Where he ate yummy spaghetti, which is his new favorite food.

He also played with JoPa.

We are so thankful for the year we've had...full of memories, blessings, and fun times--not to mention the addition of our newest family member, Miles. We are looking forward to an even better 2013 and all of the joy it brings to our lives. Hoping everyone has a prosperous new year.

Miles' first Christmas

Christmas morning wasn't at all what we imagined. Miles still had a touch of the stomach bug and was not himself at all. He seemed to enjoy all of the things Santa had left for him, including a Rock N Roller Rider, Singing Elmo, cars, clothes and DVDs. However, he rarely cracked one of his heartwarming smiles. He also was very clingy all day.

Our sick little man

After presents, we went to Milan to visit Matt's dad's side of the family. Then, we came back to Jackson for presents at Mimi and Papa's house. While Trey, Darrell, Elaine, Matt and I opened presents, Miles snoozed the afternoon away. When he woke up, we had dinner and he got to open more presents. Then, everything got less festive...

I started feeling sick. I told Matt I didn't feel like myself and thought I had a fever. He, like he always does, said for me to stop thinking I'm sick because it was all in my mind. Well, in Miles' stocking Papa got him a new thermometer. It is the cool kind that you can just swipe across your forehead and it gives you your temp. I tried it out on Miles, he had a temp....I tried it out on myself...I had a temp of 99.5 (which is exactly what my mom had before she threw her guts up). About an hour later, I too was throwing my guts up. Matt was so wonderful to me, though. He went all the way to midtown Jackson to get me some medicine and gatorade. He also went home to get me some PJ's so I could take a bath. Mimi kept Miles for the night so Matt and I could go home and get some rest.

About an hour or two later...I hear Matt on the toilet throwing his guts up. We both were at the same time-not the same place. We were so sick Christmas night. Thank goodness Elaine was there to keep a close eye on our sweet little guy.

The next day we were scheduled to go to Mike and Lisa's for Christmas with the Hatch side of the family, but Matt and I were still feverish and weak. Miles went for us, but he wasn't even feeling well.

Seeing Miles every morning, noon and night...made me feel a little bit better every day. Even though he wasn't his cheery self, he still was a pleasure to be around. He even played with his new toys a little bit, including his new guitar Uncle Joe gave him.

Miles finally started feeling better that weekend...but we gave the stomach bug to the entire family, including Trey, Elaine, Darrell, Mary Claire, and Ashton.

In fact, Miles was feeling so much better that he acted like a little comedian at dinner on Saturday night.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the house....a stomach bug was stirring...and making us sick!

Thanks to Honey, Miles caught the bug. He threw up (his first time and my first time with a baby) Christmas Eve morning. I tried to do my best to get him to the trash can. However, with little ones who can't talk, it is difficult to tell when they are about to blow. He threw up on the carpet, but luckily we have a trusty spot bot that helped in the clean up. Miles also had diarrhea that day, poor fella.

He took a very long nap, which was extremely helpful to me, and when he woke up we ventured out to First Christian Church. I sing in a service for one of Elaine's friends every Christmas Eve. Miles, Elaine, and Darrell came to hear me sing while Matt stayed behind at the house to clean up a little bit (wonderful man). After church, we went to Elaine's house to eat soup.

Then, we came back home to get ready for Santa's first stop to the Cleek house. Miles even put out milk and cookies. (A BIG thank you to Leah Ashby for the adorable milk and cookies platter for Miles.)

It's a Looney, Cleek, Smith, Huff, Summerford Family Christmas

The weekend before Christmas we traveled to West Memphis for Christmas with my family. My brother, Brandon, came in from Kentucky. We all decided to celebrate Christmas early because he was able to come, so, Mommie Cica, Uncle Todd, NeNe, and Uncle Alvin drove in from Hot Springs to join us all.

Friday night on the way into WM...we decided to stop at Bass Pro Shop for some last minute shopping and for Miles to see Santa.

Miles wasn't afraid of Santa at all.

In order to make sure Miles got the attention all on him, Friday night Miles opened his presents from Honey, JoPa, and Uncle Joe. He received tons of toys and a few clothes.

Miles liked taking off bows more than unwrapping gifts...

He got an Elmo chair, blocks, clothes, a cell phone...

...and a Sesame Street House just like the one I had as a kid.

Even though I received plenty of presents...this little blessing is the best gift of all!

Then, Saturday, the Huff's and Smith's came in town for an old fashioned crazy Christmas at Meemaws--equipped with present exchange, turkey and dressing, sleepy Papaw and a game of phase 10. Miles racked up at Meemaws too. (I don't know how we got home with all of his loot along with everything Matt and I got. The truck was packed to the gills.)

Miles had fun opening presents and playing in the wrapping paper.

And the "big kids" had fun playing Phase 10..which took until 2:00 AM!!

We planned on hanging out with Honey on Sunday, but she came down with a case of the stomach bug. So, we ventured over to Mary's for some fun with the Summerfords. And boy was it a fun time....Miles and Ava Kate are just 5 months apart so it is entertaining to see them together now. Ava decided to try and share her Ritz crackers with Miles...here's some of the action:

Needless to say...both of these kids LOVE their Ritz crackers! When we left Mary's house we decided last minute and very late to head on back to Jackson. Honey was very sick and we didn't want Miles or anyone else to catch whatever she had (MORE ON THAT LATER). Miles was exhausted...so much so that he fell asleep in my arms while playing with Joe's keys.

More to come from our first Christmas/New Year with Miles! Stay tuned.