Monday, January 30, 2012

The ride home....and assembling all of the Loot

We left West Memphis on Sunday in an SUV packed full of Miles' stuff. It was so crowded that Matt, Luke, Roxie and I barely fit comfortably. We had to leave several gifts at Honey's house for her to bring when she comes next time.

When we finally arrived home, Matt unloaded the car and I unpacked all of Miles' gifts. Then, we got to assembling.

Matt is putting together his favorite gift...THE DIAPER GENIE ELITE. Thanks to Mrs. Penny and Mrs. ReDonna!!

The Baby Einstein play and bounce that Mommie Cica and Aunt Denise got for Miles. This thing will definitely keep little man busy for hours!!

The pack and play...that, according to Matt, is not very "packable". We felt so dumb trying to assemble it because it took forever!! A big thank you to Mimi for Miles' pack and play!

Little man's car seat

A cushion to help the carrying a little easier.

Miles' stroller

Do you think he has enough clothes to wear? And yes, they are all washed and ready to go!

A plate handmade for Miles by Mrs. Misty Collins. I put it up in his room on his bookshelf.

Ernie has a new place to rest his feet...on my rocking horse.

Miles even got some toys to keep him occupied in the bathtub!!

I think we are pretty ready for our little man's arrival! We just have a few more odds and ends to get before he decides to come in to the world!! Hopefully, we will make it through the next two weeks. We will keep you posted!

My fellow preggo...

My dog, Roxie's, mom is also pregnant just like me!! Ellie is set to have her second litter of puppies any day now. I feel her pain....poor Ellie is so huge!! She even waddles and has swollen feet like me. I am predicting she has at least 10 puppies.

An update on my pregnancy status....I was having some contractions at work last Wednesday, so, Holly sent me home to rest. Matt and I went to the doctor on Thursday and I am dilated 1cm already!! We go back this week. Hoping and praying that Miles decides to stay just a little bit longer.

Presents...presents...and more presents....You'd think it was Christmas!!

After getting "showered" with love and was time to get down to business. I wrote 78 thank you notes Saturday night. My hand was so cramped up, but I wanted to get it done so I didn't have to worry about it this week. Miles received so many awesome gifts at his shower....from adorable burp cloths and a pack and play and breast pump...I think we are pretty much set. Here are a few of the MANY gifts our little man received.

This chair was my mom's when she was a little girl. My Papaw painted it white, and Meemaw made the cushions to match Miles' room. I have amazing Grandparents!! Hope Miles is just as lucky.

Blue gown with my sweet boy's name on it

Fireman rain shoes

Another look at the cute diaper cake/bike that my friend Christie made for Miles. It had diapers, a stuffed animal, a bottle, booties, blankets and burp cloths on it. Such a creative idea!! I loved it so much I didn't want to take it apart, but I think we will need the diapers.

Miles diaper bag from Honey that was full of goodies!!

I am pretty sure we will be using all of these!!

Miles is SPOILED Already....

Saturday, January 28th, 10 of my mom's friends and 2 of my friends hosted a shower for Miles and me in West Memphis, my hometown. We had a great turnout-around 65 people came to give Miles some wonderful gifts. I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Thanks to all who came out to the shower! I think we now have everything we need with the exception of a few little things.

Here are a few pictures from the big event:

The beautiful food table with the cutest diaper cake I've ever seen-Thanks Christie!!

Honey and I hiding behind all of the presents....getting ready to open.

Miles' Fairy Grandmother Janet and I

Christie and I

Mommie Cica (my cousin Cara) and the gift my Aunt Denise and her got for Miles

Honey doing what she does best....socializing with her friends.

Cute airplane onesie in honor of Uncle Brandon. brother, Joe's girlfriend stopped by the shower to give Miles the cutest polo outfit! Thanks Randi!

Such a cute outfit for my little man!! Thank you to Mrs. Kim!

Yay...the hostesses got Miles his stroller and carrier!

The AMAZING hostesses...a BIG thank you to all of these lovely ladies on a fabulous shower!!

All of the loot....

then we had to get it all home!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving right along....almost 34 weeks and counting

We went to see Holly today for another visit! Honey and Meemaw got to go along for the ride today. I am so thrilled they got to meet Holly and hear little man's heartbeat. Our checkup was good! Miles' hearbeat was 138 bpm. His head is down and he is measuring right on target. Me...on the other hand...well I'm good, just swelling, swelling and more swelling! Holly says it is normal. My blood pressure is fine and there is no evidence of preclampsia. This is great news, but the swelling isn't fun! I can't wear any of my shoes, INCLUDING MY TOM'S AND COWBOY BOOTS!! I opted to borrow some of my mom's shoes because my feet can't fit into my own. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! We will be 34 weeks on Thursday.

This is what my feet look like after a day of work!! I guess I should try sitting and propping my feet up a little more, but I'M A TEACHER...TEACHERS DON'T SIT!! Has anyone else ever had a problem with swelling during pregnancy? If so, any tips on how to make it better?

JCM welcomes 2 new cougars to the family!

Last Wednesday, my teacher friends threw a shower for Miles and Cal Bradford, Trista Havner's son. I was so grateful for everything the teachers and staff at JCM did for us. We had some delicious punch, munchies, and Trista and I's favorite pettifores. Trista is due February 1st with the birth of her first son, so we have been pregnant buddies together throughout the school year.

We also got to open gifts for our new bundles of joy. Miles and Cal got so many cute outfits to wear. They also received a toy, blanket, and diapers, which will definitely come in handy.

A big thank you to everyone who came to share in the joy last Wednesday, and those who contributed their time and efforts! I am so blessed to work at such a wonderful place! A special thanks to April Hamm, Lauren Malecha and Dr. McDaniel for organizing our shower!!

Everything is set up...ready for the party to begin!

A onesie that says, "Major Cutie", for Cal....

...and a Tennessee themed onesie that says, "I'm a great catch!" for Miles. Matt REALLY liked this one!

Getting child rearing advice from fellow staff memebers.

Diaper cake