Monday, January 16, 2012

JCM welcomes 2 new cougars to the family!

Last Wednesday, my teacher friends threw a shower for Miles and Cal Bradford, Trista Havner's son. I was so grateful for everything the teachers and staff at JCM did for us. We had some delicious punch, munchies, and Trista and I's favorite pettifores. Trista is due February 1st with the birth of her first son, so we have been pregnant buddies together throughout the school year.

We also got to open gifts for our new bundles of joy. Miles and Cal got so many cute outfits to wear. They also received a toy, blanket, and diapers, which will definitely come in handy.

A big thank you to everyone who came to share in the joy last Wednesday, and those who contributed their time and efforts! I am so blessed to work at such a wonderful place! A special thanks to April Hamm, Lauren Malecha and Dr. McDaniel for organizing our shower!!

Everything is set up...ready for the party to begin!

A onesie that says, "Major Cutie", for Cal....

...and a Tennessee themed onesie that says, "I'm a great catch!" for Miles. Matt REALLY liked this one!

Getting child rearing advice from fellow staff memebers.

Diaper cake


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