Thursday, December 29, 2011

31 Weeks and a Place for Little Man to Sleep

If Christmas wasn't enough, we have been super busy this week working on Miles nursery. I wanted to get it finished before I go back to school and work because I will not have time or energy, plus my mom offered to help out, so, I had to take her up on it.

I painted letters for his wall....

while Matt sanded down two bookshelves for us to paint....

and he assembled Miles' crib, changing table....

...and rocker that his mom and Darrell got for us.

So...after assembling the big things that go in Miles' room....Mom and Miles' Fairy Grandmother Janet came to help us get it all organized, painted and decorated. 

This is where we started...khaki walls and stuff everywhere!

Janet, busy painting her cares away....

I had the job of painting around the ceiling...not FUN at all!

Mom, painting one of the book shelves that Matt sanded down for us.

Mom and I are concentrating on painting the other bookshelf brown.

Fairy Grandmother Janet worked hard on the brown bookshelf doors.

The room paint is Mom decided to clean, her favorite thing to do...

...while the puppies decided to take a much needed nap.

Then, we had to put the furniture in the right spots. It took several times of rearranging before we decided on a layout we liked best.

Yes...I am cleaning the fan!

Matt is trying to figure out where to put the crib so that everything will fit perfect.

We began our quest on the nursery around 3 in the afternoon and finally finished at 3 am! Then, on Thursday, Mom and I added a few finishing touches...and here it is:

Another before picture just so you can get the full effects....

and after many hours of hard work, elbow grease, organizing, cleaning, painting and fun!

This is the sign above the door. I hope Miles likes football because his mom and dad sure do!

Some pictures I made at Neyland stadium this year. I enlarged them to 8 x 10.

The crib. We still have one more thing to add to his room-curtains. Meemaw is busy working on those so I will post pictures of those when she is finished.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MOM AND JANET! I couldn't have gotten finished with this room without you two! Miles greatly appreciates it, too!

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  1. His room is precious! I know your whole family is so excited. BTW your mother is wonderful.