Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shopping for my little man....

As I have gone Christmas shopping, I have picked up a few things for Miles. I can't seem to help but walk on over to the baby clothes section of every department store I visit. He now has several outfits, including one red polo shirt that looks just like his Daddy's. Miles has also received several outfits from NeNe (my Aunt Denise), Mommie Cica (my cousin Cara), and Pops (Matt's dad). His closet is not empty anymore, and I know it is only going to get filled even more with goodies. It makes me feel so great that this little guy we don't even know is loved by so many people. He is going to be one SPOILED and blessed kid!!

Here is one of the outfits I just HAD to buy for my little man!!

As for Baby Miles, I think he is doing just fine! He has been moving around a lot lately, especially when his daddy mentions football. We were sitting around last night and Matt was talking to Miles about football. He asked Miles, "What position do you want to play....quarterback?" Nothing. "Linebacker?" Nothing. "Wide Receiver?" A huge kick from Miles!! So, we might have us a Jerry Rice on our hands, which would be perfectly ok with Matt, Uncle Trey, Uncle Chris and Uncle Joe!

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