Saturday, December 17, 2011

Preparing for childbirth

Matt and I spent the first two Saturdays in December going to a childbirth class that his cousin Malissa taught through West Tennessee Healthcare. We learned a LOT about childbirth, including the stages of labor, breathing techniques, contractions and all about epidurals. We got to tour the labor and delivery wing of the hospital, too, and it really opened our eyes to what will happen in a matter of months.

I know I promised to post belly pictures, but I wanted to show y'all Matt's belly pictures first...

One of my favorite parts of childbirth class was when all of the dads had to put on the empathy belly. Matt got to feel like me for a few minutes, minus the stuffy nose and pain in my side.

He's glowing!!

Another way in which we've prepared for our son's arrival is the construction of Miles crib. Mimi got him a crib at the shower and Matt decided to put it together today. We also decided to go ahead and put on the bedding that Meemaw gave us. We have a lot more to do in his nursery but it is slowly coming together.

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