Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy and Daddy Hit The Slopes...

...while Miles spent some quality time with Honey, JoPa, Meemaw, and Papaw.

He did all sorts of things while he was on his own little vacation...

He played with Mardi Gras beads JoPa brought him back from Louisiana...

Honey and JoPa also bought him an inflatable toy equipped with plastic balls to play in. Mom said he had a lot of fun with it.

He even went to the park for the very first time with one of his favorites....Sunnie.

It was Matt and I's first weekend away from our little man since he was born. Despite the fact that we missed our Miles terribly, we had the time of our lives.

Elaine and Darrell have a cabin at Beech Mountain, NC, so we treked the 8.5 hours in the car (need I mention in the very, very back seat of the Sequoia) on Friday afternoon. We didn't go alone. Trey, Jeff, Shawn, and Clarkie (the Graham's) went with us.

We didn't arrive until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. I'm talking like 2 am! The last time I saw 2 am was when Miles was still nursing. Here's the kicker...it was snowing!!

That morning (later that day) we rented our ski stuff and hit the slopes. It was snowing cats and dogs. I'm talking blizzard-like conditions with wind chills in the teens. It didn't stop us from skiing our little hearts out, though.

It was snowing so hard that you could barely see.

That night we took a break and ate some dinner. Then, all of the guys decided to go night skiing, but since the wind chills were in the negatives, Clarkie and I opted for an evening on the couches in the warmth.

The next day it was still cold, but it was sunny out instead of snowy. We hit the slopes for the afternoon ski, which is apparently the same idea everyone else on the mountain had that day. It was so crowded that we waited in line for a lift to the semi top of the mountain for 1 hour!! The main lift (the quad that carries 4 people to the top of the mountain) was broken.

The skiers--Shawn, Clarkie, Trey, Me, Jeff and Matt (so proud of Clarkie for giving it her all on her first go-round at skiing)

Having fun in the snow and sun!

Later on that day, Matt and I were tired of waiting in line so we hit the bunny slopes because the line was much quicker. It was almost quitting time when the quads opened back up, so we skied down to get on and headed to the very top of the mountain. We should have stayed at the bottom! Trey fell off the lift while trying to get off, but the lift wouldn't stop. Matt had to scream at the workers to get them to stop it. Well, it wouldn't start back up. To add to that whammy, Shawn and Jeff were four chairs back. Needless to say, they got stuck on the lift for 30 minutes in the cold, wind. We tried to wait on them, but it was just too cold.

I was FREEZING and I am literally speaking here! My toes were icicles. Matt and I ventured down the mountain and Trey, Shawn and Jeff eventually followed.

Despite our escapades on Sunday, we had a really great time with some awesome friends. We were very ready to get back to Miles though. Those 8.5 hours weren't as fun on the way back as they were on the way there.

Mom and Dad met us at the Memphis airport with Miles and all of his loot. We picked up Mimi who came in from Naples and headed back to Jackson.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A few of my favorite videos...

I thoroughly enjoy the time Miles and I get to spend together. I don't know if it is because he is so precious or that he is so much fun.

Lately, he has been an extreme busy body. I'm talking into EVERYTHING!!

Here are a few videos I took that are my favorites:

This first video is of Miles eating some of his favorite crackers, but I didn't give them to him...

This next video is one I took tonight. We were trying to FaceTime with Mimi, but she was at the opera. Well, when we called her I let Miles see himself on the phone. He was fascinated. So, after Mimi didn't answer us, I decided to turn on my phone's video camera so he could continue to enjoy it.

As you can very well see....he is such a treasure to be around. I do not know what in the world I would do without his sweet little guy in my life. I am truly blessed with this incredible human being and I pray that he will continue to bless us and give us even more joy.

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a great time watching the Super Bowl with friends this past Sunday night. Miles seemed to enjoy himself despite not having much of a nap during the day. We ventured over to Uncle Todd and Aunt Julie's house for some tasty bbq and chicken. Due to the 30 minute or so blackout, we had to leave early because Miles was so sleepy. A huge thanks to Todd and Julie for an amazing super bowl party!!

Miles and I at his very first super bowl party.

He didn't care much for the game, but did enjoy getting into everything he could at Aunt Julie's house.

We did teach Miles how to do the touchdown motion.