Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sorry About the Lack of Posts

I am so sorry abou the lack of posts the past few months, but I have been incredibly busy. Between planning lessons, keeping up with a mischevious 9 and a half month old, and trying to finish Christmas shopping, there aren't enough hours in the day. You should be up to date now. So check out the posts to see what this little guy and our family have been up to.

Happy Birthday Daddy and Mommy

December is a busy month....

We have Christmas...but Matt and I also celebrate our birthdays. His is on the 12th, and mine is on the 13th.

This year we got to celebrate with out little man.

I got Matt a safe for his gun, and Miles got his Daddy a RedHead sweatshirt pullover. We celebrated with Santa Fe soup and red velvet cupcakes, Daddy's favorites.

On my birthday, my mom and dad sent me these beautiful flowers...

...and I went home to Lady Gaga perfume from Miles and some new boots from Matt. We celebrated by going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Don Panchos.

That Saturday night, Mimi did us a favor and kept Miles so Matt and I could have an all night date night. We went to see the movie Lincoln (I highly recommend it!) Then, we met our friends Todd and Julie for some after movie refreshments. We missed our little buddy, but were glad to get some time together.

Miles wasn't even upset that we weren't around because he had such a good time at his Mimi's house. This is the picture she sent us during our date night. It made me want to go home to see him, but I didn't!

Go Big Blue?

That Saturday, December 1st, Joe was initiated into Kappa Alpha Order. Dad and Matt went to his initiation because they are both KA's. After the initiation, we all (with the exception of Joe b/c he was exhausted) went to the ASU vs. MTSU footbal game, which happened to be the Sun Belt Conference Championship.

Since MTSU is my alma mater, I wore my blue raider blue, and so did Miles and Matt.

It was Miles' first college football game out of the womb.

It started out fun...and I was pulling for the blue raiders....

....Miles was even enjoying the game with Jo Pa..

...but as half time arrived, MTSU was getting their butts kicked. We ended up leaving early and going to eat pizza and watch the SEC Championship, which proved to be a better game than the one we attended. Even though MTSU lost BIGTIME, we had a great time with friends and family. Miles seemed to enjoy himself despite not having much of a nap that day.

Miles' First Bloody Nose

As soon as we decided on a weekend to take Christmas card pictures, of course, Miles would hurt himself. He was standing on the entertainment center, which is something he does quite often. He grabbed the door to it and the door moved and Miles scraped his nose and mouth on the shelves. I think it hurt me more than him. Thank goodness Matt was there to comfort both of us. (Matt helps me not to worry so much. :))

With the little accident, Miles got a his first bloody nose.

He cried for about 3 minutes and then he was all smiles. We have one tough little man on our hands!

That weekend, we went to West Memphis to watch Arkansas State play MTSU. That Friday night, we went to the park to take Christmas pictures with all of the lights and Christmas decor. Luckily my mom was behind the camera, and dad was trying to get Miles attention.

Here are some of the pictures we took:

Here is our Christmas card from 2012:

Miles 8 and 9 months

As you already know...I am extremely late getting up Miles' 8 and 9 months updates and I apologize for that. You who have young children or who have ever babysitted young children understand my reason for not posting. goes two months worth of posting updates....

8 months came and went in October...Miles was 25 pounds and 30 inches long. He still had a mouth full of 8 teeth.

As each month passes by, it gets harder and harder to take these pictures! He just won't be still for a second and you definitely need two people to take the monthly pictures. We love our active little guy, though, more than anything in the world.
Here are some of this month's MILEStones:
  • I am pulling up on everything to stand.
  • I am crawling all over the place.
  • I can climb the stairs as long as someone is there behind me.
  • I have a personality like Daddy that is easy going unless I am upset or want something.
  • I am wearing 12-18 month clothes.

Now on to 9 months....or as Jo Pa calls it "quarter mile".

In November, Miles turned 9 months old. He was 26 pounds and 30 inches long this month. We cannot believe that our sweet little guy has graced us with his presence for 9 whole months. He truly is a blessing!


This month's MILEStones:

  • I am becoming more and more independent.
  • I am actually playing with my toys instead of putting them in my mouth.
  • I am standing by myself, but as soon as I realize I am standing, I sit down.
  • I am walking with assistance from Mommy and Daddy or my mower.
  • I love reading books.
  • I am wearing 18-24 month clothes.
  • I got my first pair of shoes.
  • I am babbling all the time.
  • I love bathtime and I crawl all over the tub.

Miles likes to Help

Since I have a mobile Miles, it was terribly difficult to get up my Christmas decorations this year. I usually put them up the day before Thanksgiving. Yet, this year I knew I would need help to get it done either during nap time or while Miles was sleeping.

So, my mom came for a visit the weekend before thanksgiving. Matt, Jo Pa, and Uncle Joe had a guys hunting weekend in Arkansas. Matt had the perfect weekend: He killed a limit of ducks on Saturday morning, and killed an 8 point Saturday afternoon. He was pretty pleased.

Matt's 8 point deer....this one is not going in the house!

Matt and Uncle Joe's ducks

The guys were playing, and so were my mom and I. We went to the annual USJ holiday mart with Miles, which was a task to say the least. Let's just say that crowded aisles and lots of people do not mix with a stroller. After the holiday mart, we went out for dinner at Olive Garden. Miles ate his first taste of stage 3 baby food, which was spaghetti and meatballs.

Miles loved his food, but wanted to play with Honey's keys more than eat.

The busy day wore our little man out. He went right to sleep, so, Mom and I got right to work on the tree.

The next morning, Miles woke up to a pretty Christmas tree. We made sure to put some soft and kid friendly ornaments near the bottom for him to play with!

Miles' First Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving just as I have for the past several Thanksgivings...running in a 5K. Matt usually runs the Turkey Day 5k with me, but this year, his knee brace "miraculously" was missing. So, I ventured out to run by myself, while Matt stayed at home to watch Miles sleep. It worked out because we didn't really want to get little man out in the cold morning air. I finished in under 30 minutes and was able to get home before Miles woke up!

When the little guy finally woke up, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and ate some yummy oatmeal and fruit. He had a big day ahead of him.

After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed over to Mimi's for Thanksgiving lunch with the Hatch's, Christian's, and Cleek's. Miles even got to eat his first turkey and sweet potatoes.

Despite this face, he really liked the turkey and sweet potato flavored baby food. (Thanks to his Fairy Godmother for the cute turkey bib. He looked so cute!)

After Mimi's feast, we loaded up the dogs and the car and headed to West Memphis to spend the remainder of the weekend with my family. Thanksgiving night we had dinner at Meemaw and Papaw's house.

Miles played cards with Ran-Ran, Uncle Joe, Papaw, Meemaw, and Grandma Lue.

...and then Miles and Daddy passed out in the recliner after such a long day of celebrating turkey day.

The next day, Honey, Meemaw, Miles, and I went shopping in Memphis. It was busy, but not too bad. Miles was a good baby!

On Saturday night, we went over to my friend, Christie's mom's house to see her, her husband Josh, and their two kids Owen and Ava Kate (Miles' girlfriend). Miles had a blast with Ava Kate. They even took their first bath together, just like Christie and I used to do 20 something years ago.

When we got them to the bathroom and took off their outfits, we realized they both had on Elmo diapers. Had to snap this photo! Too cute. Ava Kate is a little over a year old and Miles was almost 9 months in this picture.

Miles did take a bath, but not the right one in his eyes because when we got back to Honey and JoPa's house he took another bath in the dogs' water bowl.

It was hilarious. He kept splashing around. Honey actually let him get water all over her nicely swept floor. He splashed so much out that it got into the coat closet. Needless to say, Miles was soaked and we had to put him in another sleeper for bedtime.

This year we had many things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, but the most important one is the precious little boy we call Miles. We are so incredibly grateful for him!

Prepping for Thanksgiving

The week of Thanksgiving, Mimi got to keep Miles with her, while I went to work for two days. She had  a lot to do because she had Papa's son, daughter in law, and grandkids coming in from South Carolina to have Thanksgiving in Jackson. Miles was a pretty big help, though.

He helped her cook....

And assisted with cleaning out Jake's cat food bowl! Yes, he ate some cat food.

Miles helped me create Mimi's table, too.

Miles and Uncle Joe

It thrills me to see my youngest brother, Joe, with Miles. I have watched Joe grow up from Miles' size to the fine young man he is today. I remember changing Joe's diapers and babysitting him when he was little. Miles looks a lot like Joe. I only hope he can have some of his personality and zeal for life.

Joe loves Miles. He calls him MC Hammer! Miles loves Joe, too, and I pray that their relationship will continue to flourish as Miles grows up. We love you, Uncle Joe!

Miles is Everywhere

Also, during November, Miles learned a lot about how to manuver around the house. This is the main reason why I am just now updating the blog. He keeps me busy!!

He now can climb the stairs, which, I know, is a little crazy. However, as long as someone does it with him, I do not see a problem with it.

Miles loves to climb the stairs.

And he loves to get out every toy out of the toy box....

...and when he can't get into the toy box...he just climbs over it...

This is just a tiny glimpse into what our lives are like with a VERY ACTIVE little man.

Hitting the Polls

In November, Miles experienced his very first Presidential election. All of the poll workers were smitten with our little man. They let him go to the voting machine with Matt and Miles got to watch his Daddy cast his vote. Miles enjoyed it, but election day for me was kind of depressing. I just wish that this amazing country was the country that I grew up in and it pains me to think of how it will be when Miles is my age. I mean he has a social security card, but who knows if he will ever be able to use the benefits from it. Nevertheless, I hope that politicians can get it together!

Here is a happy picture:

Miles' First Halloween

It's a's a wait a is


Miles spent his first Halloween as superman. Matt was Jimmy Olson and I was Lois Lane. Halloween was a fun night for all of us. Matt took the night off so he could go trick or treating with Miles and me. We started the night at Mimi's house for dinner and treats.

Then, we ventured out into her neighborhood for some door to door treats. Of course, Miles couldn't eat any of the candy he recieved, but it was fun to go.

After trick or treating with Mimi's neighbors, we went around to friends' houses in Jackson. We also visited Uncle Trey at the store.

We are looking forward to many more trick or treats with our little man. Who knows who he will be next year?!