Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miles likes to Help

Since I have a mobile Miles, it was terribly difficult to get up my Christmas decorations this year. I usually put them up the day before Thanksgiving. Yet, this year I knew I would need help to get it done either during nap time or while Miles was sleeping.

So, my mom came for a visit the weekend before thanksgiving. Matt, Jo Pa, and Uncle Joe had a guys hunting weekend in Arkansas. Matt had the perfect weekend: He killed a limit of ducks on Saturday morning, and killed an 8 point Saturday afternoon. He was pretty pleased.

Matt's 8 point deer....this one is not going in the house!

Matt and Uncle Joe's ducks

The guys were playing, and so were my mom and I. We went to the annual USJ holiday mart with Miles, which was a task to say the least. Let's just say that crowded aisles and lots of people do not mix with a stroller. After the holiday mart, we went out for dinner at Olive Garden. Miles ate his first taste of stage 3 baby food, which was spaghetti and meatballs.

Miles loved his food, but wanted to play with Honey's keys more than eat.

The busy day wore our little man out. He went right to sleep, so, Mom and I got right to work on the tree.

The next morning, Miles woke up to a pretty Christmas tree. We made sure to put some soft and kid friendly ornaments near the bottom for him to play with!

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