Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Go Big Blue?

That Saturday, December 1st, Joe was initiated into Kappa Alpha Order. Dad and Matt went to his initiation because they are both KA's. After the initiation, we all (with the exception of Joe b/c he was exhausted) went to the ASU vs. MTSU footbal game, which happened to be the Sun Belt Conference Championship.

Since MTSU is my alma mater, I wore my blue raider blue, and so did Miles and Matt.

It was Miles' first college football game out of the womb.

It started out fun...and I was pulling for the blue raiders....

....Miles was even enjoying the game with Jo Pa..

...but as half time arrived, MTSU was getting their butts kicked. We ended up leaving early and going to eat pizza and watch the SEC Championship, which proved to be a better game than the one we attended. Even though MTSU lost BIGTIME, we had a great time with friends and family. Miles seemed to enjoy himself despite not having much of a nap that day.

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