Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lake Fun @ Pickwick

The weekend before starting back to work, officially, we traveled to Pickwick with the Williams clan for a day of fun in the sun. We left early Saturday morning and met Brian, Carol Ann, Cullen, Ashton, and Logan at the marina. We loaded up on the boat and headed for a part of the lake called Dry Creek, which is where dozens of other boaters decided to go, too.

We swam....

Miles loved the water.

Miles relaxed...

He also attempted tubing with Daddy...

...but that didn't last too long. He really enjoyed hanging out with LoLo and Ashton. They always know how to make him smile.

Even though Miles didn't like tubing, Matt decided to give it a go with Cullen and Logan. (Let's just say, the next day he was so sore!)

Don't worry friends! I didn't tube. I might be going tubing in a few weeks, though, if Miller decides to be a little late on his grand entrance. It was nice to get on the water for the day. A BIG thank you to the Williiams clan for letting us tag along on your trip to Pickwick. We had a BLAST!

Friday, July 18, 2014

While Miles is away.....

This week has been VBS week at NUMC. Since I am on the children's ministry team, I was put in charge of service/missions this year, which was very rewarding for me. Every day the children got to make things for people in need. Monday, they made dog toys for dogs at the humane society. Tuesday was Hope bags filled with snacks and water for the homeless. Wednesday, kids decorated love journals for the Women of Hope to write in. Thursday was reserved for decorating water bottles for people in the community who provided a service to the children and Friday, they colored crosses for the nursing home. Each day I helped teach a lesson that went along with the service project for the day. The end product was to ensure kids are living their lives for Jesus from the inside out! I sure do hope that these kids took away as much as I did. I am really enjoying getting involved with our church. We love NUMC so much!!

I did all of this while Miles was away with Hidee and Fairy at Uncle Brandon's house in KY. He left on Tuesday evening and stayed until Friday. One would assume that I would relish in being home alone, but I kind of was sad and lonely. Miles, on the other hand, had the time of his life. He got to play at the park, visit with some horses, splash around a public pool, see some airplanes, and hang out with Brandon and Casey.

Miles and Uncle Brandon

Miles helping Casey wash the car.

Riding on a plane with Brandon at the park.


Fun on the swing with Brandon and Casey.

Brandon gave Miles a Popsicle for breakfast! 

Playing in the water at the public pool.



Fairy, Miles and Brandon attempted a ride on the plane, but according to Hidee, the attempt was much like the bus riding extravaganza. Miles liked to look at the plane instead of riding in it! Oh, well. Maybe next time, Brandon.

Eating out at the "jellyfish" restaurant.

So sweet...hate I missed this trip to Lexington. 

Very thankful to Hidee and Fairy for taking Miles on their mini trip! 

I might have missed out on the KY fun, but Matt and I did get a date day on Wednesday, which was much needed and very pleasing. It was kind of weird not having to be anywhere or to be back at home so Miles can have a nap. We actually got to eat out for lunch and dinner. We also went shopping for some nautical stuff to put in Millers room. We've made a lot of progress on the nursery and here's where we are.....

Fairy got Miller this cross and hung it in his room.

We decided on putting our old recliner in Miller's room. The shelves are from Miles' old orange bookshelf. I spray painted them green. Thanks to Uncle Trey for the shells from Florida that we placed in a glass container on the top shelf.

This sign is from Hidee via Misty Collins. She painted a plate for Miles' room, so, we were pleased with the sign for Millers room. (check out her stuff-Gravel Road Art www.mmcollins.etsy.com)

My Meemaw sewed these curtains....

...and bed skirt. I am very grateful she can still sew and doesn't mind doing it! What a special treat in Miller's room!

And this is Miller's changing table with pictures of Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs, AR and Pelican Bay Beach in Naples, FL above it. Thanks to Margie for the blue cross that we hung from Miller's changing table. 

All of the furniture in the nursery was Miles' when he was little. We left the room the same color because we didn't want to paint again. However, we went with a new color scheme and theme. Matt and I both love the lake, ocean, and river, so, we decided nautical was best. We hope Miller enjoys his new pad!

So, as you can see, we are somewhat prepared for our new little guy to grace us with his presence. I'm still waiting on the quilt for his bed, which has whales on it. I am also looking for a rug to go in the middle of the floor, so, if any of you have any ideas....please shoot them my way. 

People keep asking me if I need anything for Miller, but all I can think of is diapers and prayers, of course. We are using a lot of Miles' baby things. I've washed clothes, towels, blankets, and bedding as well as semi packed my bag for the hospital. I am 35 weeks today, which means in 5 weeks or less Miller will be here! We can't wait to meet our new little gent, but we are savoring every moment with Miles. Keep us in your prayers for a safe, happy, healthy end to my pregnancy and delivery of our precious gift from above!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 years down...Hopefully, Many More to Go

July 11 is a special day in my family. It's not only our anniversary, but it is also my parents' anniversary. You see on July 11, 2009, Matt and I got married on the same day, at the same time, in the same place, by the same preacher as my parents did in 1981. I also wore the same veil as my mom did.

One of the best days of my life-July 11, 2009!!

I only hope that Matt and I can have as long and as successful of a marriage as my mom and dad. They truly are best friends who love each other unconditionally. They are a team in every way and have shown me how important it is to give and take in a relationship, especially when you have kids and full time jobs. A big cheers to my parents for sticking together this long and showing me that marriages can be successful with a little bit of compromise, a lot of love, and of course God.

With that said, the 5th anniversary is associated with a gift made of wood. So, I got Matt a chainsaw! Now he can cut down limbs, trees, and other wooden stuff of his choosing. I'm sure you are wondering...what did he get me?

 A new couch...that doubles as a place for company to sleep! This gift is perfect because we don't have a guestroom anymore and I have a feeling that we will be having plenty of visitors in the near future.

And a new recliner, which is more of Matt's than mine!

He also got me this orange and white shirt from a local boutique. I have been eyeing that shirt for a long time and he listened!

Matt's cousin, Mary Claire, came over that night to keep Miles while Matt and I went to Charlie Bulldogs to eat, Maggie Moos to get ice cream, and then on to our fun outing at Target....to get none other than dreaded school supplies. Miles is beginning the junior cubs program at University School of Jackson in August. Therefore, we had to get him some school supplies. Who knew 2 year olds had to bring so many school supplies? Whew! Nap mats, paint markers, and antibacterial wipes...oh my! Even though we had to search high and low for all of the items on his list (and there were dozens), we had the best time. I don't think I remember the last time I have enjoyed a school supply shopping trip as much as I did that night. 

Me...stuffing my face with ice cream. Thanks to Matt for the photo. What can I say? I crave ice cream. I don't feel as guilty, though, because it was frozen yogurt with strawberries mixed in.

Happy 5 years to my sweetheart!

Matt is trying to comprehend that there's a difference between markers and paint markers.

Our cart full of supplies...we didn't even get everything on the list. Apparently 2" nap mats are hard to come by in most stores. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Last 4th of July as a Family of 3

We spent the 4th of July weekend in West Memphis with my parents. They have an oasis in their backyard, so, we decided to hang out there for a few days.

Isn't it nice?! I mean it may not be the beach, but it is pretty close to it in my opinion.

The day we arrived Miles had to get into Hidee and JoePa's pool. He donned his swim trunks, swimming diaper, puddle jumper, and swam with Matt.

The next day, we ventured over to Southaven, MS to get Matt some new shades. Miles even tried on a few hats....

Miles wanted to swim that night, too. He even tried putting on his own swimming trunks this time.

Friday was the 4th and we spent all day outside by the pool. I'm talking 10:00 in the morning until at least 4 or 5. God surely blessed us with great weather here in the South this year. We kept going on and on about how nice it felt outside.

Miles swam from 10 until about 2 when he needed to stop for lunch and a nap. Most of his lunch consisted of yummy fruit and fruit dip that my Meemaw made for us. 

I think Miles enjoyed the dip more than the fruit. :)

After nap time and pool time, we got all cleaned up and hung out on Hidee and JoePa's porch to watch the Macy's fireworks on tv and the other intermittent firework mini shows around the neighborhood. Miles enjoyed the sights.

On Saturday, my mom and I got pedicures and Miles hung out with Daddy and JoePa. Then, that night Miles spent a little time with Hidee and JoePa while Mommy and Daddy went on a date. I've been hearing great things about this little place called South of Beale and wanted to try it out. So, that's where Matt and I went for dinner. 

It is a quaint little bar and restaurant with very progressive food. They don't even carry Heinz ketchup b/c they make their own! I had grilled salmon with maple bacon brussel sprouts and a side of Gouda mac and cheese. Matt had the fish and chips. We enjoyed our food and will definitely go back, especially once Miller arrives and Mommy can have a signature cocktail!

After dinner, we drove to Maggie Moos on Main to have ice cream for dessert.

We were extremely grateful to Hidee and JoePa for hanging out with Miles while we went out on the town. I have to say, though, our night on the town was a lot different than our Downtown Memphis nights out once were. However, I would not change it for anything. It is weird how things change over time.

Hidee left for Vegas on Sunday, and the Cleek's headed home to Jackson. Miles had a great time on our "staycation", and so did Mommy and Daddy.

In fact, Miles had so much fun that he was worn out.