Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 years down...Hopefully, Many More to Go

July 11 is a special day in my family. It's not only our anniversary, but it is also my parents' anniversary. You see on July 11, 2009, Matt and I got married on the same day, at the same time, in the same place, by the same preacher as my parents did in 1981. I also wore the same veil as my mom did.

One of the best days of my life-July 11, 2009!!

I only hope that Matt and I can have as long and as successful of a marriage as my mom and dad. They truly are best friends who love each other unconditionally. They are a team in every way and have shown me how important it is to give and take in a relationship, especially when you have kids and full time jobs. A big cheers to my parents for sticking together this long and showing me that marriages can be successful with a little bit of compromise, a lot of love, and of course God.

With that said, the 5th anniversary is associated with a gift made of wood. So, I got Matt a chainsaw! Now he can cut down limbs, trees, and other wooden stuff of his choosing. I'm sure you are wondering...what did he get me?

 A new couch...that doubles as a place for company to sleep! This gift is perfect because we don't have a guestroom anymore and I have a feeling that we will be having plenty of visitors in the near future.

And a new recliner, which is more of Matt's than mine!

He also got me this orange and white shirt from a local boutique. I have been eyeing that shirt for a long time and he listened!

Matt's cousin, Mary Claire, came over that night to keep Miles while Matt and I went to Charlie Bulldogs to eat, Maggie Moos to get ice cream, and then on to our fun outing at get none other than dreaded school supplies. Miles is beginning the junior cubs program at University School of Jackson in August. Therefore, we had to get him some school supplies. Who knew 2 year olds had to bring so many school supplies? Whew! Nap mats, paint markers, and antibacterial wipes...oh my! Even though we had to search high and low for all of the items on his list (and there were dozens), we had the best time. I don't think I remember the last time I have enjoyed a school supply shopping trip as much as I did that night. 

Me...stuffing my face with ice cream. Thanks to Matt for the photo. What can I say? I crave ice cream. I don't feel as guilty, though, because it was frozen yogurt with strawberries mixed in.

Happy 5 years to my sweetheart!

Matt is trying to comprehend that there's a difference between markers and paint markers.

Our cart full of supplies...we didn't even get everything on the list. Apparently 2" nap mats are hard to come by in most stores. 

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