Monday, June 23, 2014

Miles can Count and Miller is an Acrobat

Since Miles can say his ABC's and count to 10, Matt and I started working with him on the numbers past 10.

Here's where we are at now:

Our sweet little man is very intelligent and we are extremely proud of him. He has also learned how to say, "Yes mam/sir." and "No mam/sir." These recent developments are on top of his increasing urge to talk about anything and everything he sees. He is warming up to the idea of wearing hats a little more, as well.

Especially when it is Daddy's hat!

We have also moved out of the high chair at the kitchen table and on to his plastic table and chairs.

Miles eating lunch at his big boy table.

He likes it and does a really good job sitting there and eating. Now if we could just get him to potty on his Elmo potty we would be set! That is a work in progress, and we are struggling.

As for our other little guy...he is still doing well. We are incredibly blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far. (No swelling yet!)  Miller is moving around in my belly just like his big brother did. Today, Miles got to feel Miller. I asked him to put his hand on my belly. Miller did several somersaults and Miles face looked surprised and he said, "Mill-ner!". We go back to see our midwife Holly on Thursday for our last monthly visit. After this it is down to visits every 2 weeks! EEK! He is going to be here before we know it.

We are still in progress on Miller's nursery. Therefore, I am going to wait until we are finished to post pictures. On the other hand, we have gotten out all of Miles' baby "stuff". I'm talking outfits, blankets, bibs, cradle, car carrier, swing, and other gadgets. It is fun to see all of the baby things again, but it is even more enjoyable watching Miles' reaction to all of it. He wants to sit in every seat and swing as well as play with every toy.

Here he is in "his" car seat, just cheesin it up for the camera.

Matt and I asked him today if he was ready for his little brother to come and he said yes, but then Matt asked him if Miller could come live with us and Miles did not really care for the idea. We will work on this a little more and hopefully our sweet little man will love his little brother to pieces.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miles is a Big Boy

A few weeks ago, with help from Hidee, Mimi, Papa, Todd, and Julie, we converted our guest room into Miles' new "big boy" bedroom. We decided on a hunting theme because Matt wanted to keep his prized deer mount on the wall and well I kind of feel bad for him because he doesn't have a man cave. So, I caved in.

Miles helped Daddy get supplies for the big renovation.

Now, it looks amazing but I'll tell you it took a lot more than just painting and decorating...

Being married almost 5 years and living in our house almost 6, Matt and I have accumulated a lot of "stuff". The guest room, the guest closet, and the attic were the dumping ground for this "stuff". And when I say Matt and I, I mean that very loosely considering that the majority of "stuff" we got rid of was mine. We cleaned out the closet, attic, and drawers. We had 30+ bags that we donated to Goodwill. So after a month or so of getting people to take our old furniture, going through drawers and clothes, and donating things we were ready to get started on Miles' new pad. (Side note: I didn't take any before and after pictures. Once we finished, I realized I should have to show our progress so sorry.)

Papa and Mimi helped us buy new furniture for the little man, which is perfect for his hunting themed room. Hidee came and faux painted the back wall to look like camouflage. She also helped me transfer Miles' clothes and toys over to his new closet as well as helped me decorate and clean. Todd helped us move the furniture in the room. We couldn't have done this project without all of these helping hands so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Here's the finished project:

And Matt built the headboard to Miles' new bed. He used pallets he got from a work friend of his.

Miles helped him anchor it to the bed and the wall.

I am proud of my husband for this wonderful addition to our son's room. I think it is perfect!

Miles has done a great job sleeping in his new room, which is a surprise to us because Miles isn't a good sleeper. I think he believes he will miss something big if he falls asleep so he fights it with all of his might. The first night in his new room, he slept in his new bed with Hidee. Then, the next day, he took a nap in his big boy bed, but it took Matt and I both laying up there with him for him to go to sleep.

Miles was excited and very satisfied with his new room.

The second night, we were a little apprehensive about putting him in the big boy bed all night, but we treated it like a band aid and just ripped it off and put him in his new bed. Well...Matt checked on him about 1:30...I woke up at 3:30 to use the restroom (imagine that) and I checked on him and then I woke up for the day about 7. He slept until after 8. It was like he loved sleeping in that bed.

If you squint you can see Miles sound asleep.

He has been in his new bed and room for about two weeks now and he loves it. I am incredibly proud of our big boy...and elated to have one room finished. Now on to the nursery for Miller. Hoping to finish it pretty soon so stay tuned.

**I also want to give a shout out to Tim York and Uncle Trey for helping us get our old furniture out of this room. Thanks guys! Additionally, we appreciate Tim and my friend April for graciously taking most of our furniture to their houses.**