Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Football Time in Tennessee AGAIN.....

Even though summer is coming to a close, we are so thrilled with its end for two big is the fact that hopefully it will not be so hot (sooner rather than later). It is hard to keep Miles indoors, knowing he longs to go outside to play. He doesn't understand why we can't go out. So, we have to make do with our time indoors....

He runs around and plays, 

hides from us, 

and enjoys watching himself on video.

The next reason for our end of summer excitement  is a BIG one for the Cleek family.

FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love football in this house.....especially college and high school football.

Last night, we all ventured to Dyersburg (Matt's Alma mater) with the Williams clan. We ate at Alvino's pizza before JCM hit the gridiron for their first game of the season. And get this...Matt actually wore a JCM shirt and stood on our sideline to watch the game. 

Miles thoroughly enjoyed running around on the field.

He also sat in the bleachers and watched some of the game.

Matt was reminiscing and telling Miles all about his former football glory days. I love this picture because Miles looks like he is really listening and taking in all that his daddy was telling him. (A big thanks to Brian Williams for snapping this picture for me!)

We ended up losing the game 51-28. The officiating was pretty one-sided if you ask me, and someone in the Dyersburg stands used an air horn several times when we were needing a crucial down or play. However, we did have 2 kickoff returns for a TD and we all had a blast!