Sunday, November 9, 2014

Miles Goes to KY and OH

Hidee and JoePa took Miles with them to Kentucky to see Uncle Brandon and Uncle Casey. Miles got to play at the airport, while JoePa toured Uncle Brandon's tower.

Then, everyone got all bundled up and went to Cincinnati (or as Miles says, "Cincimmati") to watch the Bengals play the Cleveland Browns. It was not only Miles' first NFL game, but also Hidee and Joe Pa's.

Miles loves Hidee.

Boys being silly.

What a pretty city!

The trip wore Miles and Daniel Tiger out!

We are blessed that Miles gets to do things like this with his grandparents. JoePa and Hidee and Mimi and Papa sure do know how to make a little man feel loved! Thank you for all you do.

It's a Daniel Tiger Halloween

Miles and Miller were characters from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for Halloween 2014. Miles loves Daniel Tiger, so, Hidee got him the costume. I made Miller's O the Owl costume because I already had a blue owl hat. 

Our first house was the Keim's to see GiGi and Uncle Todd.

After stopping at our first house, we came home to trick or treat for Meemaw and Hidee at our house.

Miles even got an actual Daniel Tiger that talks and sings.

Thank you, Hidee, for the Daniel Tiger.

Mommy and Daddy even got in on the fun. We decided to be "ivy leaguers". Made us feel smart!

Miles also got to go trick or treating in our neighborhood with Hidee and Daddy. Mommy, Meemaw and Miller stayed home to take care of passing out candy to the trick or treaters.