Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mimi...but no birthday for Miles just yet.

Today was Elaine's (Mimi) birthday!! Matt, Trey and I took her to dinner at Rafferty's. We were hoping to have Miles as a birthday present, but he still has plans to stay in the womb for right now. At our last doctor's visit, which was last Friday, I was dilated 2cm and still 60% effaced. Holly checked my labs and they were fine and she hooked me up to a monitor. I was having some contractions, but nothing too intense. We go back to the doctor this Friday and are hoping for somewhat of a change. I have been nesting a little bit this week-as much nesting as one can do on bedrest. Miles hasn't been as active either, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. WE ARE READY TO MEET OUR LITTLE MAN!!! Thanks to everyone for the continued support and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

All packed and ready to go....19 days or less, HOPEFULLY!

We've packed our bags for the hospital. It is amazing because I could fit Matt, Miles and my stuff all in one suitcase!! Who would have ever thought that?!

This is Miles' "coming home" outfit--Tennessee Vols gown, paci and a hat with his initials.

I am reluctant to post this next picture because I am 9 months pregnant. However, I am proud of my belly and can't wait to meet the little guy who has been growing inside of it for the past 9 months.

If you can't belly button is non existant!! This is my belly at 37 weeks.

This was our little man at 8 weeks....

...and this was at 19 weeks.

It has been a long 9 months, but it seems like the last few weeks are going by sooooo sloooowwww. Oh, well! I am going to try and enjoy my sleep while I can!

More presents for Miles

The presents keep coming!! Miles has gotten even more gifts from friends and family. This little guy is going to be so spoiled.

Isn't this outfit the cutest thing?! Thanks Grissom family.

Plastic labelers for Miles' bottles and cups. Such a cool gift from Mrs. Tina Brown!

Monkey onesie and burp cloth from my hairdresser Maggie Edge. Thanks Mags!!

And the winner is.....HONEY

The West Memphis Chamber of Commerce awarded my mom, Honey, with the Citizen of the Year award. I am so proud of her!! I only hope that Miles can inherit her hard working, never give up attitude.

Sorry for the picture quality. Dad took this picture on his phone at the banquet on Thursday night right after mom won her big award. We are so proud of you mom!!

Puppies...but no baby Miles yet!!

Ellie finally had her puppies!! They are nearly 2 weeks old now. She originally had nine, but one was stillborn and the other died the next night. The coolest part is that the one Dad is naming after Zoe was born in Joe's truck!! Aren't they too cute?!

So happy Ellie has been relieved, but we are still waiting on our Little Man's arrival. We went back to the doctor on Friday, and got a good report. I've been put on bedrest due to developing preeclampsia, so, I am trying to rest as much as possible. There has not been a change in dilation or effacement since last visit. Holly thinks that Miles weighs about 6.5 to 7 pounds right now. I think he is going to come this week on the 16th.

Matt's prediction: February 24th
Honey's prediction: February 20th
Uncle Trey's prediction: March 1st
Mimi's prediction: February 22nd

What is your prediction????