Saturday, February 11, 2012

All packed and ready to go....19 days or less, HOPEFULLY!

We've packed our bags for the hospital. It is amazing because I could fit Matt, Miles and my stuff all in one suitcase!! Who would have ever thought that?!

This is Miles' "coming home" outfit--Tennessee Vols gown, paci and a hat with his initials.

I am reluctant to post this next picture because I am 9 months pregnant. However, I am proud of my belly and can't wait to meet the little guy who has been growing inside of it for the past 9 months.

If you can't belly button is non existant!! This is my belly at 37 weeks.

This was our little man at 8 weeks....

...and this was at 19 weeks.

It has been a long 9 months, but it seems like the last few weeks are going by sooooo sloooowwww. Oh, well! I am going to try and enjoy my sleep while I can!

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  1. You look great :) I am growing away myself - 24 weeks yesterday. I'm thinking of you!