Monday, May 19, 2014 Papaw!

This past weekend we spent in West Memphis celebrating my Papaw's birthday. We left Jackson on Friday evening. When we got to Hidee and JoePa's we had our favorite dish, lasagna, waiting on us. Then, Miles had a little fun with NanNan and Joe.

The next day was a nasty one...I don't know about you, but the past few days here in our neck of the woods have been downright awful. Rainy and chilly. In fact, we had a lovely pool to swim in this past weekend, but the weather kept us away. So...Saturday, while Joe and Matt went fishing, Hidee, Miles and I took naps.

Joe with one of the fish he caught.

That night we went over to Meemaw and Papaw's for some spaghetti (another favorite dish of ours) and of course birthday cake.

Every time we sing happy birthday for any one's birthday, Miles thinks we are singing to him. He also can't help but assist in blowing out the birthday candles.

He also takes after his Mommy. Instead of eating cake with icing on it, he prefers to eat the icing and leave the cake. I don't blame him...the icing the BEST part. After cake, Miles was full of energy and played with every thing under the sun...including my Meemaw's old telephone booth.

We got up early Sunday, and came back to Jackson. We joined Northside Methodist Church and are thrilled about our new membership. After church, we went to eat Don Pancho's with Mimi and Uncle Trey. All Miles wanted to eat was the cheese dip.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ABC...It's Easy as 1...2...3!

I finally was able to get Miles in action. Every time I get the video ready to go...he wants to look at what I'm doing instead of continuing what he was doing.

As I said in his 2 year old update post, Miles can count to 10 and recognize and say his ABC's. Here's video evidence:

I am very proud of our growing boy, who is so smart. I enjoy seeing him explore new things every day. In fact, this past Sunday, I believe I heard him counting by tens. I'll be working with him more this summer and he starts at USJ's Junior Cubs program in the fall. We are hoping he continues to expand his knowledge and zest for life and the many things in it! God really blessed us with Miles. We hope and pray his little brother, Miller, will be just as curious, kind, cute, and perfect!