Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lake Fun @ Pickwick

The weekend before starting back to work, officially, we traveled to Pickwick with the Williams clan for a day of fun in the sun. We left early Saturday morning and met Brian, Carol Ann, Cullen, Ashton, and Logan at the marina. We loaded up on the boat and headed for a part of the lake called Dry Creek, which is where dozens of other boaters decided to go, too.

We swam....

Miles loved the water.

Miles relaxed...

He also attempted tubing with Daddy...

...but that didn't last too long. He really enjoyed hanging out with LoLo and Ashton. They always know how to make him smile.

Even though Miles didn't like tubing, Matt decided to give it a go with Cullen and Logan. (Let's just say, the next day he was so sore!)

Don't worry friends! I didn't tube. I might be going tubing in a few weeks, though, if Miller decides to be a little late on his grand entrance. It was nice to get on the water for the day. A BIG thank you to the Williiams clan for letting us tag along on your trip to Pickwick. We had a BLAST!

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