Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy and Mommy

December is a busy month....

We have Christmas...but Matt and I also celebrate our birthdays. His is on the 12th, and mine is on the 13th.

This year we got to celebrate with out little man.

I got Matt a safe for his gun, and Miles got his Daddy a RedHead sweatshirt pullover. We celebrated with Santa Fe soup and red velvet cupcakes, Daddy's favorites.

On my birthday, my mom and dad sent me these beautiful flowers...

...and I went home to Lady Gaga perfume from Miles and some new boots from Matt. We celebrated by going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Don Panchos.

That Saturday night, Mimi did us a favor and kept Miles so Matt and I could have an all night date night. We went to see the movie Lincoln (I highly recommend it!) Then, we met our friends Todd and Julie for some after movie refreshments. We missed our little buddy, but were glad to get some time together.

Miles wasn't even upset that we weren't around because he had such a good time at his Mimi's house. This is the picture she sent us during our date night. It made me want to go home to see him, but I didn't!

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