Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Christmas as a Family of 2

We had a wonderful Christmas, our last one as a family of two, and we hope all of you had a great holiday! We were so busy over the Christmas weekend with five places to be in one day! Whew! It was so much fun though and our little guy racked up with so many gifts from family and friends.

You can see how tired we look after all of the Christmases with our families!

My feet took a toll from the traveling, too! This is the most swollen they've been so far.

Matt and I got a Canon Rebel camera from my parents!! So I have been taking a lot of pictures. Here are a few from our visit to West Memphis.

Me, Jo-Jo and Cara....and my Dad being silly!!

Opening presents at Meemaws

Meemaw and Papaw

Meemaw painted this picture for my uncle Alvin and Mom got him the Santa shirt b/c last year he was mistaken for Santa!

Jo-Jo and Cica

After opening presents and eating dinner at Meemaws, Matt and I went over to my best friend, Christie's mom's house to visit her family. We got to see Owen and Ava Kate!!

Miss Ava Kate Summerford, Miles future girlfriend

Matt couldn't put her down! He was so sweet and I can't wait for him to hold on to our little man.

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