Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving right along....almost 34 weeks and counting

We went to see Holly today for another visit! Honey and Meemaw got to go along for the ride today. I am so thrilled they got to meet Holly and hear little man's heartbeat. Our checkup was good! Miles' hearbeat was 138 bpm. His head is down and he is measuring right on target. Me...on the other hand...well I'm good, just swelling, swelling and more swelling! Holly says it is normal. My blood pressure is fine and there is no evidence of preclampsia. This is great news, but the swelling isn't fun! I can't wear any of my shoes, INCLUDING MY TOM'S AND COWBOY BOOTS!! I opted to borrow some of my mom's shoes because my feet can't fit into my own. Oh, the joys of pregnancy! We will be 34 weeks on Thursday.

This is what my feet look like after a day of work!! I guess I should try sitting and propping my feet up a little more, but I'M A TEACHER...TEACHERS DON'T SIT!! Has anyone else ever had a problem with swelling during pregnancy? If so, any tips on how to make it better?

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