Monday, January 30, 2012

The ride home....and assembling all of the Loot

We left West Memphis on Sunday in an SUV packed full of Miles' stuff. It was so crowded that Matt, Luke, Roxie and I barely fit comfortably. We had to leave several gifts at Honey's house for her to bring when she comes next time.

When we finally arrived home, Matt unloaded the car and I unpacked all of Miles' gifts. Then, we got to assembling.

Matt is putting together his favorite gift...THE DIAPER GENIE ELITE. Thanks to Mrs. Penny and Mrs. ReDonna!!

The Baby Einstein play and bounce that Mommie Cica and Aunt Denise got for Miles. This thing will definitely keep little man busy for hours!!

The pack and play...that, according to Matt, is not very "packable". We felt so dumb trying to assemble it because it took forever!! A big thank you to Mimi for Miles' pack and play!

Little man's car seat

A cushion to help the carrying a little easier.

Miles' stroller

Do you think he has enough clothes to wear? And yes, they are all washed and ready to go!

A plate handmade for Miles by Mrs. Misty Collins. I put it up in his room on his bookshelf.

Ernie has a new place to rest his feet...on my rocking horse.

Miles even got some toys to keep him occupied in the bathtub!!

I think we are pretty ready for our little man's arrival! We just have a few more odds and ends to get before he decides to come in to the world!! Hopefully, we will make it through the next two weeks. We will keep you posted!

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  1. Looks like you are ready for Mr. Miles to grace us with his presence! So many wonderful gifts! Thanks to all from MIMI!