Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baseball and BBQ

We spent Easter weekend in West Memphis with Honey, Jo-Pa, Uncle Joe, Meemaw and Papaw. Our trip began on Thursday evening with dinner at Margaritas. Miles was so good during dinner and just looked around the entire time. When we got back to Honey's, Uncle Joe got to feed little man for the first time! He did a good job!!

Friday, we all went to Joe's baseball game. He didn't play defense but he did have some great hits at the plate. Randi also asked Joe to prom.

She wrote-Joe, Prom with me?-on a baseball....

.....and gave it to him after the game.

He said, "Yes!" Of course!!! This "prom" thing is new to me. When Matt and I were in high school, we didn't do things like this. I wish we did. My how times change! That night we went on a double date with Joe and Randi to eat at Central BBQ and see American Reunion.

We ate yummy BBQ nachos....

and can't forget the RIBS!!

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