Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Setting Up for Mimi's House

Matt, Miles, and I got to go shopping for Mimi's house today!! She will be keeping Miles when I go back to work on the 30th of this month. Mimi is sailing in the South Pacific and sent us a list of things to get for her house. We had a good time shopping a second time to get stuff for Miles.

We got a pack and play that is just like ours at home, so, Miles will have somewhere to sleep during the day.

And we couldn't forget a bathtub with bath stuff just in case he gets dirty, Mimi and Papa Darrell can give him a bath.

Oh...and the best invention since sliced bread....THE BOPPY! This not only makes feedings so much easier, but it also has other uses. All new moms or moms to be should invest in one of these. It will definitely come in handy!

Miles was so worn out from helping us set his stuff up, that he passed out on Jake's (Mimi's cat) bed. We tried putting him on her bed and the pack and play, but he liked Jake's bed best. Move over Jake....Miles is moving in!!!

I am so thankful that Elaine is going to watch Miles when I return to JCM for 3 weeks. I know she is going to love getting to spend some quality time with her grandson that she hasn't seen since he was 1 week old!!

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  1. Lauren - this post is so awesome - and yes - I am going to love keeping Miles - but is it only 3 weeks??

    Anyway - thanks so much for shopping and getting everything set up. This looks wonderful!

    We are off the ship and now in Tahiti - it is beautiful. Home is just a few days. Love to you, Matt and Miles