Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miles Goes to Hot Springs (Jessieville)

My best friend/sister/cousin lives a few hours away from me sadly, but it gives us a good reason to go visit the Hot Springs area from time to time. We ventured there in late June for a long weekend of relaxing and good times. This trip was even more special because Cara and I were running in our first 5K together--the Color Me Rad 5K.

We left on a Thursday afternoon. Miles did pretty good in the car as long as we had Yo Gabba Gabba playing on the DVD player. Moms out there should definitely invest in a car that has a DVD player or a portable one because it is a life saver on long trips.

On Friday, NeNe, Cara, Matt, Miles and I went to one of the lakes in Hot Springs Village. The beautiful lake had a sandy beach where we ate picnic lunches and played in the sand. We also enjoyed a little time in the water.

Miles wasn't afraid at all. He was practically running into the water. If he fell down and got all wet, he would get right back up and keep going. Our little man is a fish!!

On Saturday morning while my two favorite guys stayed in bed, Cara, NeNe, and I traveled to Little Rock for the Color Me Rad 5K. It was so much fun getting splashed and powdered with bright colors as we ran. I am so proud of Cara for running the whole race with me. She wanted to quit, but I wouldn't let her!!

Here's a before picture.....

See how we are all nice and clean?

Well, that changed about 5 minutes into the race, and by the time we finished....

We looked a little different and more colorful. Even though it took us some serious scrubbing to get the color off, we had a blast and hope to do more of these in the future.

Up next on our running agenda....the ST JUDE MARATHON/HALF MARATHON in Memphis in December.

After the race, we came back, ate lunch at the Shack, saw Ran-Ran (Joe's girlfriend), and hung out at the house. We had a great, relaxing trip to Hot Springs/Jessieville this summer. So thankful for my sweet family that doesn't mind spending weekends with us!

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