Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More from Myrtle

The next day in Myrtle Beach was spent doing much of the same thing....We sunned and hung out under our tent (they allow these on the beach, but are about to outlaw them because they are dangerous when storms come...more on storms and tents a little later).

And Miles took naps on a quilt under the tent as well as played in an inflatable pool we brought with us. NOTE TO MOMS: Take a quilt and inflatable pool with you to the beach. The quilt is so convenient for naps while the pool keeps them busy and happy. 

We also went to eat at a local place called the Inlet Crab House. They have really fresh seafood.

The next day....well, you know the drill....

Miles snoozed and we sunned...but this day was cut short because a brutal thunderstorm blew up on us. This is the storm I mentioned earlier. Well, we actually beat the storm back to the house. However, when Cica and I had almost gotten ready, Joe Pa called and asked about the tent. (He had been fishing.) I told him we left it on the beach because it is hard to take down. He said it has to be gone because the winds were very strong. Honey asked Cica and I to go and check on the tent. It was still lightning out and raining! We were scared to death. Once we got to our spot on the beach, the tent was still there, unlike countless other tents and umbrellas that were floating in the ocean. But, sadly, the tent was broken. Cica and I were having a tough time figuring out what to do and then Joe Pa came to the rescue. Needless to say, we ended up throwing the tent away and got our friends a new one.

That night, after the stormy tent adventure fiasco, we went out to the Marsh Walk, where we ate at Creek Ratz and walked around on the boardwalk.

You can't really see them...but the marshy island in the picture has goats on them. They stay on that island to eat the grass. And in the background of the picture are huge multi million dollar homes.

Honey and Miles admiring the goats...or as one lady called them, "baby cows."

Creek Ratz

Our little "Creek Rat"

He has been fascinated lately with lifting his shirt up and showing his belly button.

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