Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Break Take 1....

Also in March (I told y'all I've been busy and I'm very behind.), Miles went on his very first plane ride!! It was an experience, but he was amazing and enjoyed the ride. We started out at the ticket counter where they checked his car seat on for free! All "infant" items get checked on for free.

Then, we ventured to security, which was a pain in the neck as usual. We had Miles in his stroller, but had to get him out to walk through the metal detectors. They also checked his juice cup to make sure he didn't have any explosives :). Glad they are vigilant about checking for things!

Eventually, we boarded the plane and Miles was happy to see out the window. The man sitting on our row was gracious enough to take Matt's aisle seat, so, I sat in the middle and Matt sat by the window so Miles could look out. He was tired b/c we didn't give him a morning nap so he could sleep on the plane. As we took off for Naples, we gave him his bah-bah full of luke warm milk. He went right to sleep....

It was about a 2 hour plane ride, non stop, from Memphis to Ft. Lauderdale. He slept for about an hour or so.

Then, wanted to play and look at all of the planes once we arrived to Ft. Lauderdale. We did just that while Daddy went to rent a car so we could drive the hour and a half to Naples.

Of course, sleepy Miles, slept a little bit on the car ride.

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