Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day & Miles' first trip to the Zoo

On Mother's Day, Matt, Miles, and I went to early early church. It actually worked out really well and there were more parents there during that particular service.

After church, we came home to get dressed and Miles gave me an amazing Mother's Day present....

I got a nice coffee maker, which is a lot different than what I was using. Now I can have my coffee in the morning before I come to school. Yay!

After presents, we face timed with Mimi, and then we went to Memphis to see Honey and Meemaw.

We met Honey, JoePa, RanRan, Uncle Joe, Meemaw, and Papaw at Central BBQ for some yummy ribs. Next, on the agenda....

The Memphis Zoo...one of my favorite places!

Aren't they cute? Love these two and so happy they joined us.

Meemaw and Papaw decided to forgo the zoo because of all the walking. We hated they missed it, but were happy to eat lunch with them.

It was Miles' very first visit to the zoo.

We saw some flamingos....

and some ducks.

Of course, JoePa didn't mind showing him the ducks.

Then, Honey took Miles to see the bears.

Yet, Miles was more interested in a huge water fountain.

So, RanRan braved the elements first and took him to see it.

Then, it was Uncle Joe's turn.

Next, JoePa took a stab at showing Miles the fountain.

Finally, once it got to Daddy's turn, Miles was SOAKED!

But he enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want to leave the fountain.

Needless to say, Honey and I had to take Miles to the bathroom for a wardrobe change. His shoes were still wet, but I did pack extra pants, onesie, and shirt. My fellow toddler moms out there completely understand why I had extras, too! :)

After his escapade with the fountain, we all ventured over to see the elephants.

I think Miles like the elephants the best. He actually got to see them walk and eat and I think they were big enough for him to notice. If he is anything like his Mommy, he will like elephants best!

After the African animals, we all traveled to China!

In this exhibit, we saw the Panda bears. This bear kept sitting by the door just like this! He was funny.

Miles liked getting to see the pandas up close.

Then, Miles spotted another water fountain. He tried getting in it, too, but Matt literally held him back.

Next up on our tour of the zoo was Cat Country, also one of my favorites.

Miles and Honey love kitty cats...

...and tigers.

Miles got to walk around a little bit in Cat Country, too, with help of course!

The lions were so big and beautiful.

The big male lion wouldn't come out of hiding. You can kind of see him at the edge of the cave.

Miles liked looking at the lions, too.

While Matt enjoyed the penguins the best!

All in all it was a very wonderful day, filled with laughter, love, and amazing animals. I was tickled pink to spend it with my mom and Meemaw, too. It's going to be hard to top that Mother's Day, and it was only my 2nd one. I am looking forward to many more with my two favorite guys, who treated me to YoLo when we got back to Jackson.

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