Monday, May 28, 2012

Well....It's that time of the month again....It is May 28th, and that means Miles is 3 months old today!! We are so incredibly grateful to have this wonderful little man in our lives. He is such an amazing blessing. Matt and I spent 5 1/2 great years together and had the best time. However, now, we couldn't imagine life without our Miles--or as we call him, our Booger Bear. I thank the Lord everyday for giving me such a precious gift. I only hope and pray Miles gets healthier and stronger everyday.

He has been growing a lot in the past few weeks, especially on the communicating side of things. Matt and I have a lot of fun with him. Not that we didn't before now...but now Miles loves looking at us, hearing us talk, and he even talks back to us in his own language, of course.

Miles now weighs a whopping 17 pounds! He is 27 inches long.

Here are a few MILEstones:

  • I love to coo--especially when Mommy and Daddy talk to me in the morning and when Mimi has tummy time with me.

  • I am holding up my head.

  • I can sit in my Bumbo seat without Mommy and Daddy holding my head.
  • I am grabbing onto everything--from blankets, to pillows, to jewelry and hair--I grab it! Daddy says I have a SUPER grip.
  • I am teething! I love to gnaw on my hands, fingers, and my Sophie Giraffe (who we renamed Gus-Gus).
  • I have started to drool a lot lately, too. So much that I might have to start wearing bibs.
  • I am sleeping better at night--at least 6 hours.
  • I am now using bigger bottles to eat, but I am still taking breast milk too.
  • I am starting to use my hands to prop myself up during tummy time.
  • I like to use my legs to stand up when Mommy or Daddy hold me.
  • I have found my voice! I scream, especially when Elmo is on TV!
  • I love to hear my Mommy and Daddy sing to me.
  • I can wear some 6-9 month clothes.
  • I am starting to develop a little bit of a personality. I am definitely like my Mommy, a morning person!
  • I am in the 90-95 percentile in weight and length, and 75-90 percentile in head circumference.
Matt and I took some pictures of our little guy today, on his 3 month birthday....It is getting a lot harder to take pictures because he moves around so much. I had to put my camera on sports mode!

This one is shows his drool! It might be gross, but this is how it is all the time nowadays.

He has great posture already!

Such a sweet little man!! I love his smiling face!

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