Monday, May 28, 2012

Miles' little querks

Miles has I mentioned in the previous post. We love that he is a healthy and big boy, but we love his little querks even more.

One of Matt's favorites is when Miles has been laying in his "Ava Kate" or carseat for a long period of time. When he gets up, he stretches by sticking his little booty out. It is the cutest thing!!

We have been trying to get it on video, but Miles is camera shy (I is my baby camera shy?). However, we did catch it on camera one day...

This picture doesn't do it justice...It is just the cutest thing we've ever seen. He does this all the time!

Another querk about Miles is that he loves to communicate! He has definitely found his voice. One day, we were playing and talking and I got out the video camera to catch his communication skills. He was a little camera shy, but I was able to get a little bit....

We love our Miles and hope he continues with his querkiness!!

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