Monday, May 14, 2012

Miles' Christening

Yesterday (May 13th) was not only Mother's Day, but it was also a special day for Miles. He was christened at Northside United Methodist Church here in Jackson. He looked so cute in his Christening gown-that Joe, Brandon, Cara, and I all wore to our Christenings.

Miles had a lot of love and support there with him on his special day-Mimi, Papa Darrell, Lisa, Mike, Catie Beth, Mary Claire, Uncle Chris, Ashton, Malissa, Alex, Uncle Trey, Grandaddy Hatch, Meemaw, Papaw, Honey, Jo-Pa, Uncle Joe, Randi and Fairy Grandmother Janet. We are so grateful for the people who were there to see Miles get baptised. It was a special milestone in his life!! We also want to thank Dr. Don Thrasher for baptising our sweet little man.

 The Baptism

Miles and his Fairy Grandmother, Janet, for the first time.

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