Monday, May 28, 2012

Uncle Brandon Meets Miles

My brother Brandon finally got to meet Miles!!! It was almost three months, but I am so glad he got to hold, change, and feed his nephew.

For those of you that don't know....Brandon lives in North Dakota. I know....who would want to live there!! However, he went to UND to pursue a career in air traffic control. Now...after a year as a college graduate he is finally well on his way to becoming an air traffic controller. We are so proud of him! So...who knows...the next time you fly the friendly skies, Brandon might be guiding you to your final destination.

Brandon came down for my youngest brother, Joe's, high school graduation on May 18th. He killed two birds with one stone and got to hang with my little man, Miles.

Brandon holding Miles. Miles got some awesome gifts from Uncle Brandon---a new outfit and a toy that plays music and flashes lights. Miles loves his new toy that Uncle Brandon gave him, especially during tummy time!

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