Monday, May 28, 2012

Uncle Joe, the high school graduate!!

We are just as proud of our Uncle Joe, my youngest brother. It feels like yesterday when he was Miles' age and I was changing his diapers! Now, he is a West Memphis High School alumni and heading off to college in the fall.

We spent the weekend of May 18th typical Looney-Smith fashion...with parties, family fun and lots of good food.

That Friday night, we went to the big graduation....

Miles got to meet Alvin, my uncle. He sat with him during the graduation ceremony until Miles got scared because people were screaming for their loved ones. (I love his Elvis face in this picture!)

The whole family...The Smith's, Huff's, Looney's, and Cleek's

Meemaw, Joe, and Papaw

Me and two of my favorites!! Don't we look alike?

Class of 2012-Mommie Cica graduated from Speech Therapy School, Joe from high school, and I will graduate with my master's in July.

After graduation, we went to the country club to celebrate Joe and his friends' graduations. Then, on Saturday, Matt, Brandon and I ventured to the BBQ Festival in Downtown Memphis.

Matt and I at BBQ fest. It was sooooo hot. We were glad that Honey, Janet and Diane kept little man!!

Saturday night, Honey and some of her friends threw a wedding shower for a family friend. Miles enjoyed getting passed around from woman to woman so they could love on him.

Miles was so tired Saturday night. He fell asleep around 9 and didn't even want to eat when we finally went to bed around 12.

Sunday, we got to eat yummy breakfast at Meemaw's and then we came home. I was glad to be off from school for the summer after that busy weekend. But...I wouldn't have traded it for the world. It was great to have everyone in town to celebrate Joe.

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