Friday, July 13, 2012

Three Years of Wedded Bliss

Wednesday, July 11th, Matt and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. This picture is one of my favorite ones from that day!! I am so thankful for a loving husband and family who supports us no matter what!

Our anniversary this year, was extra special because we had an added bonus to our usual party of 2! Trey worked for Matt so he could have the day off, which was such a blessing! We went to lunch at Coyote Blues, one of our favorite places to eat in Jackson. After that, Matt took me to Macy's where he bought me a new comforter for our bedroom.

A 24 piece set...regularly priced at $400 and we got it for $134!

After that, we went to pick up paint at Lowe's for our first pinterest project....a new headboard. Miles was a little fussy after all of the running around town, so we put him down for a nap....

His first nap in his crib!! He slept for about 2 1/2 hours!! During his nap time, Matt and I worked on our headboard. We painted and cut the doors so we could mount them on the wall in the guest bedroom.

 The new project!

We worked so hard...we didn't realize it was almost dinner time! So....we ordered Olive Garden and ate it while we watched the Espy's. After dinner, we had wedding cake cupcakes and drank champagne out of our wedding glasses.

Overall, it was a great anniversary! I got to spend time with the two loves of my life, so, I was a pretty lucky gal!

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