Monday, July 30, 2012

Master Mommy

After a year and a half of school....I am finally finished. I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Education from Union University on Saturday, July 28th. I am so excited about accomplishing this amazing feat. Also, I am very thankful for my friends and family who helped me along the way as well as everyone who was there to see me walk across that stage!!

While I was waiting ever so patiently to get my degree....Miles had such fun with my family and Matt's family.

Nee Nee making Miles smile

Miles loves his Mommie Cica

After all the hard work.....time away from Miles....and sacrificing weeknights....It is over!!

So happy my parents were there to see graduation number 3 for me! They've always supported me no matter what!!

Cara and I are the masters now! And our dads are silly!!

My aunt Denise and Uncle Alvin came all the way from Jessieville, AR--so happy they came!!

Papaw and Meemaw

Mimi and Papa Darrell came too....

...and so did Uncle Trey

...and the rest of the Hatch family

...and Janet, Miles' fairy godmother, rode a bus from Dallas, TX to come! I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life....

 But these are my two favorite guys!!

After graduation we went to H.R.H Dumplins in Jackson for some good eats and the best strawberry cake this side of the Mississippi!

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