Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!

Our, healthy, happy little man celebrated his first 4th of July with some great friends and family.  We spent the morning playing Miles' favorite game...peek-a-boo!

After our fun, we went swimming with Aunt Julie, Chris, Ashton and Matt at Julie's father-in-law's house. Once again, Miles thoroughly enjoyed swimming. He never cried and just splashed around!

Miles and Matt at the pool

When we finished swimming, we ventured over to Mimi and Papa Darrell's house for some burgers with friends. After dinner, we headed home to watch fireworks on tv because every where around Jackson was on a burn ban!

Miles sitting in his favortie seat watching the big fireworks. He didn't seem scared of them like I used to be. We shall see in the coming years!!

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