Friday, March 23, 2012

Mommie Cica and Ne Ne's Visit

My cousin, Cara (aka Mommie Cica), and my Aunt Denise (NeNe) drove from Hot Springs, AR to come and see little man yesterday and today. Cara hasn't met him yet because she couldn't come to his birth, so, I was so thrilled to see her with Miles. She learned how to change a diaper, got to feed Miles, and give him plenty of kisses. We also took Miles out to dinner with all four of us last night for the first time and of course he slept right through it!!

Miles LOVES to eat!!!!!!!!

Cara's first diaper change

NeNe loves her Miles

Matt hasn't used one of his favorite presents yet, so, he decided to get out the baby bjorn to see if Miles liked it. I think Miles enjoyed it, but Matt liked it more!

And I just HAD to post this picture of Miles in his Polo outfit that he wore to his first dinner outing. He looks like a little frat boy!!

A big thank you to Cara and Denise for coming to visit and bringing Miles some treats!! We love you both!

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