Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall Y'All!!!

We are beyond excited for fall in the Cleek household. Matt and I absolutely love fall for several reasons, but football being the main one of those reasons. This weekend, which was the first one of the fall season, we enjoyed the weather and hanging out with our friends.

Friday night...we had DATE NIGHT!!! We were so thankful for Mimi for giving up her Friday night so we could go to the annual Sporting Clays dinner and silent auction which benefited the Boys Scouts in Jackson. Matt and I put on our jeans, boots, and headed out to Huntersville for some good eats and good times.

Matt was scoping out the silent auction items. We ended up bidding on several things and actually bought a picture, a gift certificate, and a hunting vest.

Fun times had by all!!!

Including Miles and Mimi!!!

Then, on Saturday, Miles woke up pretty early. Despite his early bird status, he was pretty happy, but this is a usual thing for him, even though he is still teething (right now he has five teeth and two more on their way).

We ventured out to the West Tennessee Farmers' Market to scope out the vegetable stands. We wanted to get some for Miles to make baby food. In the end, we not only bought sweet potatoes and squash, but also some all natural ground beef and bacon. Matt and I also got us some breakfast of champions in the form of homemade Amish doughnuts!! They were the best doughnuts I have ever had!

Miles didn't understand why he could get in on the doughnut goodness...but I am certain one day he will for sure!!

                 The trip to the farmers' market wore little man out!!

On Saturday night we ate dinner with some friends and watched the Vols win and the Hogs lose...AGAIN!! (Can't believe the year they are having!)

Then, on Sunday, we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast. Miles took an early nap so Matt and I decided to make babyfood for the first time.

We started by putting the sweet potatoes and squash on to cook....then, after peeling and cutting up the veggies, we pureed them in a blender.
And we finished with half a dozen mason jars of sweet potatoes and half a dozen jars of squash. All in all it took about an hour or so to make the food, and cost a lot less than buying it at the grocery store. Hopefully, Miles will like it!

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