Sunday, October 23, 2011

More fun pictures from our BIG reveal...

Mimi (Elaine) also took some wonderful pictures at our reveal party, so I decided to post some of those for all to see. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!! Thanks to Elaine for these pictures.

These were the BEAUTIFUL flowers Mimi got for our party. We put them on the food table.

Matt and Mimi awaiting the BIG reveal!!

Mimi was pulling for both teams. She said, "I'm on team healthy baby!" I think she was thrilled it's a boy because she knows how to deal with little boys!!

Everyone who attended the party voted on if they thought it was a boy or a girl. In the end, team BLUE won, but there were more girl votes than boy votes.

Once guests cast their votes, they pinned a blue or pink ribbon to their shirt to represent their team. (If you see me with a pink ribbon on my shirt in pictures, that was why!)

Matt was giving "high fives" to everyone after he found out he's having a SON!!

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