Saturday, October 22, 2011

Miles Cooper Cleek it is!!!

We had the big reveal tonight! It is a boy! We couldn't be more excited for our little man to arrive. I think Matt is more excited than I am!! He started crying whenever we realized the cake was blue. Here are some pictures from our fun night. We want to thank Kevin, Erica, Todd, Julie, Janet, Randi and all of our family for coming to share in this excitement with us!!

The cake before we knew it was a boy!! Such a cute and yummy cake.

I was so ready to cut into it!

Here we go....Matt wore pink and blue ties because he was cheering for both genders!




Love this picture! Our reactions are PRICELESS!! I was so sure it was going to be pink inside...and I was pleasantly surprised.

Matt got a gift from my ARKANSAS family. Miles Cooper now has a Tennessee bib and a UT onesie. Thanks, Honey, Bit-O and Uncle Joe.

Miles Cooper Cleek it is!!

The PROUD grandmothers-Mimi, Honey and Meemaw

Uncle Joe is so excited he has a nephew on the way. So is Uncle Brandon-he was on speakerphone when we sliced into the cake.

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