Monday, October 10, 2011

The Books of Madison County

Mimi (Elaine) coordinated an event last Thursday to benefit the Jackson-Madison County Library.  It was titled The Books of Madison County and featured several local artists, a silent auction, tasty food, and good wine (but I had to stay clear of the wine). I am so proud of Mimi on her event! She did such an amazing job getting all of the details together and they raised quite a bit of money for the library. Here are a few pictures from the event.

 Mimi recruited us to be volunteers. Julie and I spent most of the night in the library, attempting to get attendees to play the scavenger hunt. We had fun even though most people did not want to play!

Elaine and Brad Douglass (my former co-worker) getting ready for their live shot. Mimi did such a good job on her tv interviews! She's a pro!

Todd and Julie 

 Matt and Todd, the wine pourers

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  1. Thanks to you both for helping out at The Books event!! I love the pictures!!