Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to Daddy and Mommy!

If you have been one of my blog followers for a while, then, you will probably know that Matt and I have birthdays within a day of each other. It is fun to celebrate together, and this year was no different.

We spent Matt's birthday celebrating with family. I cooked him dinner (his favorite-spaghetti and sour cream pound cake). Miles helped him blow out the candles....

Saturday, which was my birthday, Mom, Fairy, Miles, Miller, and I came to CCHS to a breakfast with santa. The boys got to sit in Santa's lap for the first time this holiday season.

Miles and Fairy stopped for a pic while waiting in line to see Santa.

Merry Christmas from the Cleek boys!

After that, we went to my favorite place to eat, HRH Dumplins.

That night we hosted a Tacky Christmas Sweater Birthday Party. Before the party, though, my brother Brandon surprised me with showing up for my party! I was thrilled to have him there.

We had the best time and are so thankful to those who dressed up to come celebrate with us. Here are a few snaps from the party:

Trey and Kina Kina

Erica, Kevin, and Baby Cami (in her mommy's belly)

Hidee and Fairy (we were thrilled Fairy got to celebrate with us all the way from TX)

Nan Nan and Uncle Joe

Papa and Uncle Brandon (the two pilots)

Papaw and Meemaw

Todd and Gigi

Lauren and Ryan

Lauren, April and I

Alex and Magen

Matt and I

I have the COOLEST, most dedicated grandparents on the earth!!

Love my Julie!

Mimi and her girls

Papa and Mimi--thanks for hosting the party!

Trey won tackiest sweater for the guys--it was all Kina Kina's idea and expertise on his sweater!

I won tackiest for the girls.

Aren't we just so tacky?

After the voting and eating, we played a little Christmas trivia.

The guys LOST!

Making a wish...and thankful for another year!

On Sunday, the whole gang--Hidee, JoPa, Uncle Joe, Nan-Nan, Uncle Brandon, Meemaw, Papaw, Fairy, Mimi, Papa, Uncle Trey, Kina Kina, Meemaw Cleek, and Pops--went to NUMC to see Miller get baptized. It was perfect and we were thankful to have all of the support from our family!

Miller wore the same gown as Miles, Uncle Brandon, Uncle Joe, Cica, and I did. 

The entire bunch

After the ceremony, we went to Say Grace for lunch.

That night....we were beat, but had a little energy left to play cars with Miles.

It was the perfect birthday weekend. We loved every minute of it!!

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