Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heading to Home Sweet Home

We spent two days in the hospital, which was right up Matt's alley.....just kidding. He hates hospitals. We wouldn't have been there that long, but with my c-section we had to stay at least two days. Monday, August 25th, we went home with our sweet Miller. When we left the hospital he weighed 8lbs and 12 oz. For his homecoming, Miller wore a white gown with a cardinal on it (Go St. Louis Cards!!) and a hat with his initials.

The car ride home wasn't as rough as I figured it would be and it was great to get out of that hospital room!!

When we arrived home, Miles wasn't finished with school yet, so, we got to get everything inside and settled in with our new little guy.

Hidee picked Miles up from school (I just have to mention how thankful I am for my mom. She was a lifesaver with Miles during the weekend of Miller's birth. Thanks for the help, Hidee!) As soon as Miles walked in the door, he said, "What are y'all doing here?" I guess he was used to having the house to himself for the two days prior. Despite his despair, he quickly warmed up to the idea of having us at home with a little brother. He pulled up his chair next to Miller's and said, "I want to watch Milner." So, he proceeded to touch Miller and give him hugs and kisses.

That first week at home was rough. Trying to heal from abdominal surgery, breastfeeding, and just dealing with a newborn again was difficult. We made it through, though. A huge thank you to Mimi, who checked on us daily, brought us lunches and dinner, and picked up/hung out with Miles. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us and supported us during this time.

A little "Miller time" for Miles and Daddy.

Sleepy Miller

Sleepy Daddy

The Wednesday of the first week at home we ventured out to see Dr. Blake for Miller's weight check. He weighed 8lbs and 13oz on August 27th. Dr. Blake also said he looked great.

Daddy and Miller waiting for Dr. Blake.

Got Milk?

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