Monday, September 1, 2014

Fabulous Family of Four...Miller's Birthday

As many of you know, our precious Miller is here! We have enjoyed every moment with him so far...but here's a little of our birth story...

On Thursday, August 21, Matt and I went to see our Midwife, Holly, because she wanted to check on our progress and do an ultrasound to see how big Miller was measuring. They measured him at 10 pounds and I was only dilated 3cm!! Therefore, Holly urged us into doing a c-section because she was worried about his shoulders being too broad to fit through the birth canal. So we scheduled one for Saturday, August 23.

That Friday before Miller's birthday, Miles went to school like normal and Matt and I hung out and ran a few last minute errands. I spent the entire day dealing with a whirlwind of emotions. On one hand, I was petrified about surgery because the only surgery I've ever had is when my wisdom teeth were cut out years ago. On the other hand, I was nervous about if Miller would be healthy as well as if Miles would be ok with his baby brother coming into our lives. I have to admit most of my day was spent worrying, but I was a little excited about meeting our new little guy, too.

The next day....D-Day...we woke up really early to head to the hospital. Hidee, Mimi, Matt and I ventured to Jackson General while Miles and JoePa stayed home to sleep in a little. To our surprise, one of our pastors beat us to the hospital and was waiting on us as we went into the labor and delivery room to prep for surgery. We are so grateful to Gerry Campbell for coming to pray for and with us prior to my c-section to meet Miller. 

We sat in the L and D room for a while, answering questions, getting filled with fluids, and trying to laugh out my nerves. Then...around 9:00 am....IT WAS TIME! I walked down to the operating room as a pregnant mommy. I had to leave Matt in the hallway. (He was really excited about wearing scrubs by the way!) The nurse anesthetist administered my spinal block. He did an amazing job and was so kind throughout the procedure. Then, they ushered Matt in and Dr. Gray and Holly got to work (I have to give a BIG thanks to Holly for coming in to assist. She didn't have to be there but she did for us and for that we are ever so thankful and blessed.) Dr. Gray said, "Ok, Lauren, I'm going to pinch you." I waited....and waited...and felt nothing. I said, "Dr. Gray...did you pinch me?" He replied with, "Oh yes I did. Big time!" I think that's when they cut my stomach. 

Having never been through a surgery let alone a c-section, I had no idea what to expect. People told me all about how it feels and what they do, but until you experience it, you have no clue. I'm laying there on the operating table, my arms are velcroed to the table so I won't touch anything, and Matt is sitting next to me trying to crack jokes. He peeks around the sterile sheet and says, "I see your intestines." I told him to quit!! Then, after only about 5 minutes, the nurse anesthetist tells Matt that he better get his camera ready. As soon as Matt got it out, Holly jumped and pushed on my belly and out pops Miller. He cried immediately! It was the sweetest sound I think I've ever heard with the exception of Miles' cry when he was born. They brought Miller around so I could see him and he looked perfect.

Matt went over to Miller while they weighed, measured, poked, and prodded him. He scored a 8/9 on the Apgar scale. He did ingest a little meconium and had the cord wrapped around his neck, so, we were thrilled with our decision to do a c-section. 

Miller arrived at 9:38 am weighing in at 9lbs and measuring 22" long. He is perfect in every way and we love him dearly.

After Miller's birth, they sewed me shut, gave me some pain meds, and took out my spinal. They asked Matt to head to recovery, so, he reluctantly went. He didn't want to go without me, but they assured I'd be there soon and sure enough I was! We got to spend some quality time with Miller before bringing in Miles. Miller immediately took to breast feeding, which was great. 

Miles came in and was a little scared at first. I think he didn't like seeing me on all of the ivs and monitors. He said hey to Miller...then he would play a little...then, he would come back over and touch Miller....then some more playing...then, a kiss. I was so proud of how much of a big boy he was!!

After Miles' turn with Miller, we invited our family back little by little b/c we didn't want to be overwhelmed. We are really appreciative of the family and friends we had on hand to welcome in Miller. Here's a picture of everyone who came to welcome Miller on his birthday:

We stayed in recovery for about 2 hours. Then, they wheeled me to my room. Miller joined us soon after as did Hidee, JoePa, Meemaw, Papaw, Mimi and Miles. Miles got to see Miller again and this time, he held him.

Miles instantly took to Miller, which was a wonderful sight to see. We spent that first day trying to rest and spend time with our precious baby boy.

I love this picture of Hidee, Miles, Miller and Mimi. So sweet!!

Stay tuned....more on Miller's first few days and first week to come in the days ahead. A BIG thanks to all of the prayers, visitors, and support we've gotten over the past few weeks. We couldn't do it without our friends and family. We are extremely blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

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