Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walking in Memphis for a Weekend...

This past weekend Matt, Miles, and I traveled to Honey and Jo-Paw's house because Uncle Brandon was in town for a visit. He just moved back down south to Lexington, KY. Friday night we all went out to dinner at our favorite West Memphis restaurant, Margaritas. Then, Matt, Brandon, Casey, Jamie, and I all went to Beale Street while Miles stayed at home with Honey and Jo-Paw.

Out in Memphis....just like old times!!

So happy to see him! At least now he only lives 5 hours away, instead of 18!

The next day, Joe and I went running and then we all got in the pool, even though it was a little too cool for the pool that day. That night, Honey, hosted a surprise birthday party for Kim Miller, a family friend, and Miles had the best time getting passed around from person to person. He loves attention!!

Miles is sporting a birthday hat and his new bib from Mrs. Kim! We will have to borrow the hat again in a few more months!!

On Sunday, we had to get up early and head to Tiptonville for Perry Butler's funeral. He is a friend of ours' dad who passed away from a long battle with cancer. Miles stayed with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Mike, Catie Beth and Mary Claire while we went to the funeral. He even got to visit with Uncle Chris and Ashton.

Mary Claire and Miles

Miles with Uncle Chris

Miles with Ashton...I wish I could get him to smile this big for pictures!!

A big thank you to Mike and Lisa for keeping our little man on Sunday!! He had a blast and was worn out after all the fun.

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