Monday, June 18, 2012

Matt's First Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day...and that meant it was Matt's first Father's Day! He has been such an amazing father during the past 3.5 months. I have seen him grow as Miles grows and it is awe inspiring to me. I am so proud of the Dad Matt has become.

We spent the day together as a family unit of three. We woke up at Mom's house in West Memphis and Matt was greeted by Miles and his Father's Day goodies. Miles gave him some Tennessee rocks cups for his whiskey drinks, and made him a little booklet of "52 Reasons Why You're an Amazing Dad." (Got the idea from Pinterest. It was my first Pinterest project!)

Then, we headed home to Jackson. We spent the afternoon playing with Miles, unpacking, and taking naps.

Miles and Daddy

Miles wore a onesie to commemorate the day.

He played in his activity seat that his NeNe and Mommie Cica gave him. He loved it!

But liked chewing on the parts much more!

After our afternoon together, all three of us went over to Mimi and Papa Darrell's house to celebrate Father's Day with some grilled pork chops, potatoes au gratin, green bean casserole, corn and pie. Overall, it was a great day spent with the people I love most. I even got to see my dad for a little while before we left Arkansas.

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