Monday, June 18, 2012

June Weddings

We have spent the past two weekends in Memphis for weddings. The first weekend of June a family friend of mine got married at FUMC in West Memphis and had her reception in Downtown Memphis.

This is Matt and I at the reception. They had an awesome band and we had a great time dancing.

Then, this past weekend two of our very dear friends got married in Germantown. We are so happy for Erica and Kevin Butler. Matt and I were both in this wedding.

Matt, Miles and I at the rehearsal dinner. We had yummy BBQ from Germantown Comissary!

Miles was just hanging out in his stroller during the rehearsal. He was such a good boy!

Erica and I before she walked down the aisle. She was such a beautiful bride.

Matt and I at the reception, which was at the Memphis Raquet Club. We had so much fun, but we missed our Miles...who spent his night with Honey and Jo-Pa.

This is the picture my mom sent me while Matt and I were at the wedding. She said he loved playing in his activity seat. He is getting too big already!!

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